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The Trinity Of Terror Tour Visits Fort Wayne, IN

Let’s set the scene. Fort Wayne, Indiana; good old Midwest. The War Memorial Coliseum was filled with emo kids and rock fans ready for a night of horror. The Trinity of Terror Tour brought the Halloween feeling early this year with a killer lineup of We Came As Romans, Motionless in White, Ice Nine Kills, and Black Veil Brides.

We Came As Romans came out ready to kick the night off. Playing a good amount of their most popular songs mixed with some newer ones, they brought a lot of energy to the room. For how early the show started, a lot of fans came out to see them put on an amazing set.

Next was Motionless in White. I won’t even lie when I first saw them at Warped Tour quite a few years ago, I was a littleeee scared of them. But, seeing them actually play a full set and really getting to enjoy the pure happiness of the fans screaming the lyrics was so fun to see. This set was heavily filled with their newest album Scoring The End Of The World, featuring songs like “Slaughterhouse” that really fit into the all-around theme of Trinity of Terror.

Second to last was Ice Nine Kills. I’m not sure what I was expecting but wow. It was like watching a horror movie. Starting out with an opening scene of the crime and then welcoming the crowd into their very own Horrorwood. The actors were incredible, the singing was incredible, the props were incredible, I was absolutely blown away. It started with the murder, then ended with the burial… it was just so well thought out.

The night ended with the always amazing Black Veil Brides. Andy’s voice consistently blows me away with how much he sounds like he does on their albums. Although they are more pop than the rest of the bands, they fit into the theme so well. They played more of their heavy music and leaned into the evil imagery the rest of the bands set up.

I was blown away by this entire tour. I’m so glad I got to attend and capture some of my favorite photos I’ve ever taken. If you’ve never been to the Trinity of Terror, you’re missing out a horror filled night of insane music.

We Came As Romans

Motionless In White

Ice Nine Kills

Black Veil Brides

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