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The Wldlfe Plays the House of Blues in Houston, TX

The Wldlfe, maybe often described as your favorite band you’ve just heard of, will change your mind if you give them a chance— walk into a show and discover your new favorite band. 

A culmination of feelings, energies, and dreams came to life at The Wldlfe’s Houston show. 

From the crowd banding together— from near and far, and from show after show are a true testament to the band that took the stage on one of the last stops of their tour. An intimate stage at the House of Blues became encapsulated by the roars of the crowd, singing back lyric for lyric to every moment The Wldlfe took stage. 

Songs like “Close to You”—inviting the crowd to let go and enjoy every second—proved no challenge for the Houston crowd and the band giving it their all. The Wldlfe surely has mastered capturing their audience and making them leave wanting more—waiting for the next time they’ll get to hear them live again. If there’s any time to add someone to your playlist, it’s now and it’s The Wldlfe.

The Wldlfe

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