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Tiny Blue Ghost Releases New Album ‘Between the Botanicals’

As summer is nearing to an end, it’s time to start pulling out sweaters and pants from the back of the closet, adjusting schedules as the sun sets slightly earlier than before and prepare for what always feels like the start of a new year. Whether you’re starting back up in school or just experiencing that last bout of summertime sadness, there’s a perfect accompaniment with Tiny Blue Ghost’s latest album, Between the Botanicals. This is the perfect place to start for your fall playlist.

According to Tiny Blue Ghost’s website, they describe their sound as ‘dream rock created by your friendly neighborhood ghosts.” Spooky season is starting early this year. The Kingston, New York based band has spent the past three years together, creating two full length albums and one EP. Between the Botanicals is a testament to their maturation as artists. The songs flow effortlessly into the next, keeping you hypnotized with haunting vocals and psychedelic melodies. It seems as those they are experiencing the exact level of pace and grove that they’ve been working towards.

This could be because of the addition of guitarist Kyle McDonough, bassist Andy Vlad and keyboardist Kristoff Lalicki. Pair this with original members, vocalist Marissa Carrol and drummer Joseph Wright, and a certain level of cohesiveness that just fuses in the right way is the outcome. Together they generate a futuristic and ethereal ambiance.

The album starts off with a magical track, “Haven.” With the serene and quiet vocals, supported by powerful guitar melodies, it sets the tone for what is to come. Halfway through the album, you’re hit with, “Fragile Coward.” This almost brings you back into focus, after being locked away in a fever dream from the previous songs. The vocal range of Carrol’s fast paced electric and emotional screams catch you off guard, making you more curious as to what direction the album will take next. Tiny Blue Ghosts has the potential to fit in many different styles and genres of music.

“Between the Botanicals” is available on all streaming platforms today, August 26! Make sure to check them out!

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