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Tokyo’s Revenge Takes to the Streets of Gotham

“Now we’re here and normal doesn’t really matter.”

The anonymous hip-hop star has taken yet another leap towards stardom in his latest track “Gotham” along with a stunning music video to accompany. With visuals heavily influenced by the movie Sky High, the video displays a group of misfit teens facing off in a match of dodgeball. As a big fan of comics and superheroes, Tokyo’s Revenge is sure to transform this match into something peculiar with the addition of unique powers for each character. Throughout the video we are met with transitions to animated portions of the scene, illustrated by The Kroot. This fuels the energy of the video, along with the heavy vocals on the track and an underlying bass-line that is nearly impossible to miss. Every detail in the production of this track is unmatched, down to the incorporation of a Discord ringtone recognized and praised by Tokyo’s fans.

Watch the video for “Gotham” here:

Under the name Tokyo’s Revenge, he has been producing metal driven hip-hop/rap tracks from a home studio within his bedroom. Following the release of his beloved track “GOODMORNINGTOKYO!”, he met immediate success thanks to the platform of TikTok. Users were instantly drawn to Tokyo’s aggressive vocals, backed by an insanely catchy, bass driven beat. His delivery is unlike any other, mentioning an interest in “weird vocal inflections” in an interview with Beats 1 on Apple Music. This is apparent in his entire discography, especially on “GOODMORNINGTOKYO!” with an undertrack of ad libs that provide the feel of someone speaking over your shoulder.

Watch the video for “GOODMORNINGTOKYO!” here:

The decision to remain anonymous as an artist came from a feeling of uncertainty early on in his career. “I kinda like the idea of no one really knowing anything about me,” he mentions on the subject. Seemingly recognizing that if there is no information about him for anyone to attempt to analyze, he can build solely as an artist without the judgmental influence of his personal life. Not only is his identity unknown to the world, but he is also a completely self taught musician. Struggling to get by during a low period in his life, he picked up producing while staying on the couch of a friend’s home. “Over the span of a week, I learned Ableton and how to mix,” he recounts. Ever since then, Tokyo has continued to self produce all of his tracks, writing from his small, bedroom studio. Noting his early start in audio engineering prior to becoming a rapper, he mentions, “For me that’s half the art.”

Leaning on the support of his close friends, he has continuously been creating and experimenting with new works in the studio. The group serves as an inspirational as well as emotional outlet for him. “We all focus on each other’s mental health more than anything, the music comes secondary,” he speaks on the importance of looking after one another. With the support group he has found in his friends, the music came naturally after that. “My focus right now is to make whatever I feel like is fun,” he suggests at experimentation with new styles and genres in the future. As an anarchist within the industry, Tokyo refuses to define himself to one style of music as there is so much to offer to the world. After all, genres are only invisible guidelines meant to navigate the industry.

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