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Wallows And Jordana Perform On May 29 In Charlotte, North Carolina

On May 29, I had the great pleasure to see Wallows live touring their new album Tell Me That It’s Over at the Fillmore in Charlotte, North Carolina. To say this show was incredible would be an understatement.

To start off the night we had Jordana. She is someone that I was very excited to see because I have heard of her many times but have never seen her live or really got a chance to actually sit down and listen to her music. She was such a great performer. Very personable and sweet.

You just wanted to have a cup of coffee with her after the show with the way she interacted with the crowd. Her and her band were as solid as you can get and the good vibes they brought really matched with the whole tour.

Since there were only two bands on this bill, next up was Wallows. When the lights went out the crowd shook the venue with the cheers. The energy and excitement for this band was high.

The band was as smooth live as they are on their records. If not better. They played songs off their new album like “I Don’t Want to Talk” and “Especially You” and also brought it back to their roots with “Pleaser” and “Pictures of Girls”.

The whole set was truly perfect and the energy of the crowd was unbeatable. No fights, no attitudes. It truly felt like a peaceful show and everyone was on the same page. Very glad and honored I got to cover this one.

They still have a month or two left of shows in the US until they go overseas. I suggest you find a show near you by searching here!

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