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Warpaint Celebrates 20 Years At Revolution Hall In Portland

On May 14, 2024, the LA indie rock band Warpaint graced the stage at Revolution Hall in Portland, Oregon. The venue (an old high school turned concert venue) buzzed with anticipation as fans gathered to witness a night of musical magic. Another LA band, Sego, opened the show with their music being self-described as “art punk by non-punk artists”. They provided a fantastic vibe to start off the night with. After a brief intermission, the lights began to dim and then the stage lit up with soft, colorful lights—a perfect backdrop for Warpaint’s ethereal sound.

The band’s setlist was a delightful blend of old favorites and fresh tunes. As promised, Warpaint played their Exquisite Corpse EP in its entirety, captivating the audience with dreamy melodies and haunting vocals. Their most popular hits like “Love Is to Die” and “Disco//Very” resonated through the space. The crowd grooved in unison, lost in the music—a collective reverie that transcended the mundane.

Notably, two out of the four band members hail from Oregon, adding a local touch to the performance. Emily Kokal and Theresa Wayman, both Oregon natives, infused their artistry with a sense of homecoming. Their harmonies floated effortlessly, intertwining with Jenny Lee Lindberg’s basslines and Stella Mozgawa’s intricate drum patterns. Warpaint’s ethereal energy and tight musicianship left no doubt that their legacy will continue to resonate for years to come. Portland witnessed a night of nostalgia, celebration, and sheer musical brilliance—a testament to the enduring magic of Warpaint’s sonic journey.



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