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We The Kings Release New Song “These Nights” That Leaves Listeners Reminiscing

We The Kings is a pop-punk band originally from Bradenton, Florida that consists of five rocking fathers. On September 19, they released a brand new single titled “These Nights.”

The band became popular with their hit single “Check Yes Juliet” in 2007 and have done so much more in the past thirteen years. Since then, they celebrated their 10-year anniversary (in 2017) with a world tour where they sold out venues all over the map, went on eight Vans Warped Tours, have won and been nominated for multiple awards, had their very own skit series called “The Kings Carriage” (personal favorite), created an interactive video game for their song “Say You Like Me,” and so much more!

Their new song, “These Nights,” begins with a fast-paced beat resembling a running sound. The lyrics are all about reminiscing of better days and knowing there are more to come. Right before the chorus there’s a break where Travis, the lead singer, says, “What am I supposed to do?” The music cuts out as the lyrics have a moment to breath and sink in. The chorus kicks off with strong percussion and a wave of emotions. “Even when our days are through, I won’t forget these nights I had with you.” The song continues mentioning old memories with someone that meant the world to them. “I miss everything with you,” is such a strong sentence when you think about all the little things that people get to do together. Every small moment spent with someone is now just a memory etched into your mind. But it’s a memory that brings a smile to your face and warmth to your heart.

While this song has a happy sound and meaning to it, it’s one that will hit differently at 2:00am on the highway when tears start falling and you’re yelling the lyrics into the atmosphere. Personally, I’ll be screaming this song reflecting on memories of all their shows whenever I pass a venue that is sitting silent waiting for us to return.

We The Kings Live on November 10, 2019 in Indianapolis, IN (Photo by Shelby Price)

Paired with the release of “These Nights” they uploaded a lyric video that features polaroids from the boys all the way back in 2007 to now with family, friends, and fellow band members. It features Avril Lavigne, Demi Lovato, Simple Plan, weddings, vacations, and hundreds of other memories. I couldn’t think of a better video to resemble what this song is all about.

Watch the video here:

“These Nights” is not only reflective of times that we are living in currently, but it brings back a resemblance of their older music. It feels like a song that belongs on their album Smile Kid. I can just see the crowd shouting “Nothing like these nights!” while rocking their hands back and forth in a W form. If this song is any resemblance of their upcoming music, I’m beyond excited to hear what they have in store.

Once concerts start back up, I would have to recommend going to a We The Kings show because nothing tops the adrenalin rush that you feel when doing their self-titled wacky inflatable arms dance move to their song “I Feel Alive.” But for now, stream “These Nights” and bring out your inner pop-punk with one of the most iconic bands in the scene.

Connect with We The Kings on social media and be sure to stream “These Nights” wherever you listen to music!

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