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Y2K Pop-rock Nostalgia Brought To Life By In the Mourning

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“These songs are about discovering love, yourself, and your feelings wrapped in a coming-of-age Disney Channel original movie,” says Amanda Tran, the creator and lead-singer of In the Mourning.

Amanda’s youngest brainchild was inspired by the artistry, aesthetic, and music of Paramore and other early naughts emo and pop-rock which can be heard through the most recent single “If he wanted to he would.” In the Mourning was also born during the pandemic, a time of isolation, self-reflection, and uncertainty–a time that produced some of the most intensely sad songs that she ever wrote. But even pre-pandemic, Amanda was already playing through those emotions.

Amanda of In the Mourning by Yising Kao

“The best songs–best creations–come in the thick of the emotions,” says Amanda, “I am a cathartic, introspective writer.”

In the Mourning is just one of the monikers for Amanda, who, before the creation of the pop rock band, produced music as A-Tran. There is a commonality that weaves its way through the many musical identities of the Asian American singer: the emotional relatability of her lyrics. Calling upon great storytellers like Patsy Cline and Dolly Parton, Amanda knows how to pour her heart into her songs.

“While [writing] I’m feeling the emotions, and it makes it more relatable,” she muses. “People will relate however they can, and sometimes not for the same reason.”

This transmutable songwriting skill that Amanda has continued to perfect is the result of the self-realization that she can work her passion for a living. But it wasn’t always that way. Growing up, there wasn’t a lot of Asian and Asian American representation in the entertainment and music industry, especially in the alternative music scene. We are our own worst critic, and Amanda wasn’t a stranger to the voice inside her head that tried to stifle her passion for creating and performing music. Fortunately for us, Amanda shut down that imposter syndrome.

“I got to a point where I was like ‘why not’?!”

Finally, after two years of doing behind-the-scenes work for other indie artists, Amanda returned to the stage for In the Mourning’s debut show on May 20 and then again on June 4 with Honey Revenge, Penny Bored, and Hoity-Toity.

“I can’t believe I went this long without doing it,” she says with a smile.

In the Mourning’s next show is July 1 in Los Angeles at The Slipper Clutch.

Learn more about Amanda and In the Mourning in this exclusive interview!

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