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Your New Favorite Alt-Rock Band Daisy Grenade: Interview & Portraits

There’s a new kid on the block in the pop-punk and alt-rock scene. NYC based band, Daisy Grenade, skyrocketed to the top this past year after doing several laps around the country supporting massive bands like Fall Out Boy, The Maine, and Waterparks. I got the chance to meet the lovely pair, Dani and Keaton, on a cold November day in Minneapolis before their opening night with The Maine. We chatted about their successful year, recent TikTok success, and how they stay sane on the road.

Photo by Mae Saunders

Hey! Thank you guys for doing this! I’d like to start off by asking you guys to introduce yourselves and your band! Tell me about who Daisy Grenade is!

Dani: Thank you so much for having us! We’re Dani & Keaton and we’re a New York City based bubble-grunge/alt-rock band.

Keaton: We both have degrees in musical theater that we regret (kidding!). We both have all four of our wisdom teeth which is actually rare, and neither of us really know how to work a computer. Our band makes good music!

This has been a massive year for you guys and it seems like you are only continuing up from here. From opening for bands like Fall Out Boy and Waterparks with massive fan bases, to just lately having your TikTok of “King for A Day (Girl Version)” go viral, can you speak to what this year has signified for you?

Dani: This year has been absolutely wild to say the least. I’m kind of pinching myself every day because it still really doesn’t feel real. We’re incredibly lucky and incredibly grateful, but we meet all of that with endless hard work and dedication, too! The TikTok thing is a real treat because we’ve been having no luck on that app and then it just…happened! A lot of big things are happening for us, and quickly too, and we’re buckled in and ready to take the ride baby!

Why did you choose to cover “King for A Day”?

Keaton: I think apart from the obvious reason of the song being an absolute emo banger, we loved the idea of having two vocal parts built in. One of us being able to do Vic’s part all the way through (Dani) and me being able to do Kellin’s. It’s also a bit of a departure for us; we both really like a heavier sound but haven’t really gotten to explore that much in our original music so it felt like it was a good opportunity.

In today’s day and age, social media has a massive effect on the success of new artists. It seems like you must have a consistent presence on social media to grow. Do you feel a lot of pressure to pump out content whenever you can, or is social media second nature to you?

Dani: I have never been good at “doing” social media, and I still struggle with it, but it’s getting easier and easier. It used to feel like something I had to do, but now I just look at it as another opportunity to connect with fans which is so important to me! I also understand how important social media is when trying to reach new audiences, so I’m finding a happy balance where it’s not taking over my day to day life, but I’m not totally dropping off the grid.

Going off that, social media has made relationships between fans and artists a lot more intimate! What is your favorite part of using social media as a band?

Dani: I like just being my goofy self. I think it’s really important that we remain authentic on social media because the fans who may not be able to see us in person, can still sense what we’re like to be around. Of course, we use it for promotion, but mostly I like to ask fans questions, have them ask me questions, and let them get a better sense of who I am on the daily. Share my memes, post my dog, you know how it is.

What was your highlight of the year? A favorite show, a fan moment, whatever sticks out!

Dani: When we were on the Parx tour, I watched their entire set every night cheesing like a total goof the whole time (they are my favorite band). Then one night Awsten saw me and had the entire crowd chant my name and I left my body, but in a good way, ya feel?

Keaton: I think the last night of our leg with Fall Out Boy was pretty special. A bunch of our friends came out and we all watched the set from the pit. It just felt like such a special moment.

Where do you see yourselves a year from now? Do you have any goals for 2024?

Keaton: Wow, I truly have no idea where we should be or where I even hope to be. I think we both are trying our best to take it one day at a time and take the opportunities as they come! Trying not to get too hung up on needing a destination or needing to be somewhere. We both would love to put out our first LP in 2024, which is a hefty goal, so I’m happy to just focus on that.

I first saw you open for Waterparks in Minneapolis back in May and I have been thinking about you guys ever since. You truly know how to put on a show. How do you maintain your energy and excitement on the road? Are there specific things that you do to stay sane through the monotony and exhaustion of touring?

Dani: Having done a few tours now, we’ve definitely got a nice little rhythm down as a team. Even when the van breaks down or something insane happens, we keep it together, support each other, and try to make light of it, which is really wonderful. I make sure I get as much sleep as possible every night; I don’t drink or party or anything like that. I exercise when I can and do a really good warm-up and cool-down before and after the set to take care of my voice. The excitement and joy come naturally on stage; it’s my favorite thing to do and I’m forever grateful to have the opportunity! 6 or 6,000 people, I’m giving the same stellar show.

Photo by Mae Saunders

What is your favorite part of being on the road? Do you have any favorite stops?

Keaton: SALT LAKE CITY. They go hard every time. I want to do a tour of just Salt Lake City. SLC, if you’re reading this, I love ya.

I was so excited to see your name on the When We Were Young 2024 lineup. That must be both incredibly exciting and nerve-wracking to play alongside such influential bands. What were your first thoughts when you got the final notification that you were going to be heading to Vegas next fall?

Keaton: We got a text in the middle of a rehearsal which was hilarious. We’re both so excited. I think it’s really great for us, but it’s also very cool that a festival this size is listening to criticism and giving more voices to female artists in the scene. We are everywhere and deserve to be equally represented.

Who on the WWWY lineup are you most excited to see? What album are you most excited to hear?

Dani: “Is A Real Boy” – Say Anything, “Collide with the Sky” – PTV, “The Greatest Generation” – The Wonder Years, and then “Fall Out Boy” for the millionth time because…”Fall Out Boy”.

Keaton: Same, and “The Black Parade”. Dying to see “The Black Parade”.

Your latest EP that came out back in June is incredible! A personal favorite of mine is “Guts”. The EP as a whole has undertones reminiscent of classic 2000s pop punk bands like Hey Monday and Avril Lavigne. Who were some of your musical influences growing up? What about while writing the album?

Keaton: Growing up I loved Avril Lavigne. When I was seven, I won a Radio Disney singing competition in the mall singing “Complicated” (not to brag). My music taste has gone in a million different directions since then, but when we were writing the EP we were listening to a lot of Turnstile. We were, and are, heavily influenced by a lot of 90’s music like Veruca Salt and The Breeders, as well as some of the more current girlies. I remember being really influenced by Luna Aura on this EP; we were listening to “Honey” at least three times a day.

Okay last question! What is one thing that you want your new fans to know?

Keaton: That I love them and that I DO have a lazy eye, and it’s the right one, so PLEASE don’t make fun of me.

Daisy Grenade just finished up their tour with The Maine this past weekend, however, fear not, because they will be back in full force this spring opening up for another round of Fall Out Boy dates. With endless talent and bubbly energy, this band will never fail to amaze me. You absolutely cannot miss them. Catch them in a city near you this spring from February 28 to March 13 on the road with Fall Out Boy (view more info here)!

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