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ZAND’s First North American Tour Celebrates New EP ‘SEWERSTAR’

This past month, ZAND finished their first United States tour that promoted their latest EP: SEWERSTAR. This EP came out last month, September 7 to be exact, and blends a wide range genres including alternative, nu-metal, and electronic pop.

After Californian musician Lucy Loone stepped off stage, British singer ZAND came out in an electric green outfit followed by a DJ, surrounded by gory decor and bright lights. They looked fierce. As they went in and out of character to talk with the audience, they connected with their fans more than ever by being very open.

ZAND played many songs off of SEWERSTAR, with songs including, “I Spit on Your Grave” and “Religion,” along with older tracks such as “Slut Money” and “Boys Like U.”  All of the songs cover themes of empowerment of sex, sex work, queerness, and themes surrounding mental health. These themes made everyone, including myself, leave the venue feeling highly connected to ZAND, as they opened up several time while interacting with fans during the show. For instance, they played “Battery Acid,” as requested by fans as the front, during the encore.

The show felt intimate and we truly hope to see ZAND again in the United States in the future.


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