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12 Bands Playing Flyover Festival 2023 To Listen To: Part 4

Flyover Fest—formerly Act Like You Know Fest and Promcore—returns to Tulsa, Oklahoma on November 17 to 19 for a weekend full of hardcore music. Featuring over fifty unique artists from all over the country (even Canada), the weekend promises to be unforgettable. That being said, with so many artists listed on the bill it can be difficult to figure out who you want to see, so we at For The Punks thought we’d make a column detailing various artists performing at the festival and share them with all of you!

1. Initiate

Eclectic hardcore group Initiate will help close out the last day of Flyover Fest this year. Known for their unique sound, the Orange County-based outfit are perhaps one of the most daring groups in the genre today—no doubt up there with the likes of Scowl, Militarie Gun, Gumm (who is also playing the festival), and DRAIN. Earlier this year, Initiate released their sophomore record, Cerebral Circus, a fearsome LP that gives fans a peak into their influences as the band wears their inspiration on their sleeves. Above all, Cerebral Circus is a testament to the fact that the band is paving their own way in the hardcore genre with their metallic riffs, razor wire vocals, and even acoustic guitars. Missing their set will be an instant regret!

Watch the video for their song “Alone At The Bottom” below and check out their Bandcamp here.

2. Cold Shoulder

No stranger to Flyover Fest, Cold Shoulder make their return to the festival on Friday, November 17, helping to kick off the highly anticipated festival. The Toronto-based band now has two EP’s, T​.​O​.​H​.​C and Backlash, and a full length, Self War, under their belt. Known for their gruff and gravelly vocals, Cold Shoulder has some of the most sinister breakdowns in the scene today.

Watch the video for their song “Hollow Worm” below and check out their Bandcamp here.

3. Downward

Downward will bring their unique conglomeration of genres to the final day of Flyover Fest this year. Blending genres like emo, indie, post-rock, and even alternative, the three piece Tulsa-based band make their highly anticipated return to the festival. Most recently, Downward released a split record with Trauma Ray. Funnily enough, the release is called Split, and features two songs from each band. Downward’s contributions include “Siren” and “The Waltz,” which further depict their genre-defying sound.

Listen to their song “The Waltz” below and check out their Bandcamp here.

4. Gagging Order

Relative newcomers to the scene, Gagging Order will help close out the festival on November 19. The Dallas-based give piece made waves in the scene with their 2021 self-titled release. Since then, Gagging Order has toured consistently across the U.S. treating fans to their high energy and raucous performances. Here’s to hoping that 2024 will bring the band’s highly-anticipated follow-up.

Watch them perform at Promcore 2021 below and check out their Bandcamp here.

5. Livid

When powerviolence and hardcore meet at the crossroads, it creates a force known far and wide as Livid. Hailing from Kenosha, Wisconsin, the duo’s bombastic performance is one not to be missed. Blustering drums and harsh vocals make up the band’s newest album, Livid – Compiled Hatred,” released last year. Perhaps one of the loudest two piece bands, do yourself a favor and catch Livid on Saturday, November 18 at Flyover Fest.

Watch Livid perform live below and check out their Bandcamp here.

6. Raw Breed

Denver-based hardcore outfit, Raw Breed will play on the third and final day of Flyover Fest this year. Most recently, the band released the follow-up to their 2019 record, Collected, with their sophomore album Universal Paranoia last year. Combining nearly melodic guitars with growls and barks, Universal Paranoia sees the band take on a more mature sound than their debut—that being said, Collected still exists as a solid record. Raw Breed are sure to play some of their new songs, and they will no doubt be a treat to experience live!

Listen to Raw Breed below and check out their Bandcamp here!


Come open up the festival with Columbus-based group SOUR as they bring their unique brand of grunge hardcore to Tulsa for a set that won’t hold any punches back. Earlier this year, SOUR jointly released a six song split with S.M.I.L.E. called SOUR S.M.I.L.E., which saw the band include harmonic guitars, whistles, and of course, Jeff Stuckel’s signature vocals. You might recognize Stuckel for his spoken-word work as Keyoung, which finds its way into SOUR’s catalog.

Watch a video of Sour performing below and be sure to check out their music on Bandcamp here.

8. Candy Apple

Also playing on Friday, Candy Apple will bring their old-school hardcore sound to the festival—a treat to both fans young and old alike. The Denver-based band recently released a blistering four song EP titled World for Sale, existing as a follow-up to their highly reviewed sophomore record Sweet Dreams of Violence. “Wild Spirit,” the highlight of the EP, sees the band tackle one of the most interesting and ingenuitive breakdowns heard in quite some time as the shrill guitars almost shriek like malevolent spirits. Here’s to hoping that Candy Apple will treat festival attendees to a performance of it this November!

Listen to Candy Apple’s song “I Don’t Wanna Talk About It” below and be sure to check out more of their music on Bandcamp here.

9. Dayz Lost

Norwest Indiana-based Dayz Lost will play at Flyover Fest on November 18. Just the right amount of metal and hardcore, Dayz Lost’s most recent release 2 Song Promo 9 (2022) is only just a taste of what the band has to offer the scene. Though they’re newcomers, the hardcore group is one to keep an eye out for, especially when it comes time for their next release.

Watch a video of Dayz Lost performing back in July below and check out their Bandcamp here!

10. Sledge

Sledge shook the scene earlier this year with the release of their debut album HELLWALK, a malicious eight song tour de france of emotions. Now, the band will tackle Flyover Fest on Saturday, November 18. The Oklahoma-based outfit is the pride and joy of OKC’s thriving hardcore scene, so their set in Tulsa will no doubt be one of the highlights of the festival.

Watch a video of the band performing the Flyover aftershow last year and check out their music on Bandcamp here.

11. Sector

Also playing on November 18 is Chicago based band Sector. Making their own way in the scene, the band combines elements from hip-hop, death metal and hardcore to create their own unique sound. Most recently, the band released Live @ The Record Release (2023), a ferocious live record that gives listeners just a taste of what’s to come for the Flyover Fest set.

Watch a video of the band performing below and check out their music on Bandcamp here.

12. King Nine

Formed in 2010, King Nine will bring the unforgettable weekend to a close at this year’s Flyover Fest. The NY-based hardcore band made a name for themselves with the release of their 2018 record Death Rattle, which features the signature old-school NYHC sound with a modern flair that adds a twist to the beloved sub-genre. Their set will no doubt be one of the highlights of the entire festival.

Watch the band performing earlier this year and listen to their music on Bandcamp here.

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