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A Deep Dive Into Movements ‘RUCKUS!’ Album & Live Performance

Post-hardcore band, Movements, set out on their headlining tour last week with Heart To Gold, Softcult, and Mannequin Pussy, and recently released their newest album, RUCKUS! via Fearless Records. Movements have garnered recognition for their emotionally evocative lyrics and a distinctive sound that seamlessly melds elements of pop punk and hardcore, crafting a truly unique musical identity.

RUCKUS! masterfully merges their newfound sound from their previous album No Good Left to Give and their classic sound from their debut album, Feel Something, preserving the essence of the band while vividly showcasing their artistic growth. Their debut album, beloved by fans, is celebrated for its deep emotional resonance, melancholic tones, and heart-wrenching lyrics. Their fresh sound, while still maintaining their lyrical and musical brilliance, has acquired a modern edge, infused with heightened intensity and energy.

Although some fans may argue that this album is missing their signature spoken-word style, it’s arguable that the album just didn’t need it. With songs like, “I Hope You Choke!,” “Fail You,” “Tightrope,” and “Coeur d’Alene,” the album has a perfect mix of the hard-hitting tracks that we expect from this group, along with songs that showcase a more melodic and emotional style. You really get the best of both worlds with this record.

On September 8, 2023, the Orange County natives arrived in Phoenix, Arizona for the second show of their tour at the Marquee Theater. The show started off strong, reeling in the audience immediately with songs like “You’re One of Us Now,” “Lead Pipe,” and crowd favorite, “Full Circle.” One of the most significant things about Movements is their ability to sound even better live than their record. Even with frontman, Patrick Miranda, having broken his foot the night before at their Hollywood show, he put on a solid performance, and you would have never known he had an injury. He and the rest of the band made sure to bring the energy and left everything on the stage. The growth of this band, even just in confidence and stage presence is immense, and they will continue to grow exponentially in the future. Musically, they just knock it out of the park every single time, and this show and record were no exception.

Be sure to listen to RUCKUS! today and check out the Movements tour if it’s coming to a city near you (view remaining dates here). RUCKUS! is album of the year material, for sure.

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