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A Review Of Daniel Seavey at the Armory

As snow started falling to the ground, dozens of Daniel Seavey fans waited outside of Arts at the Armory in Somerville, Massachusetts for the chance to be front row at his first solo show in the Boston area. Fans began pouring into the venue buzzing with excitement and it was sure to be a special night.

Devin Kennedy started by opening up the show. Despite technical difficulties leading him to play an acoustic set, he put on a great performance that left everyone impressed.

Photo by Kirsten Newbrough

Daniel took the stage shortly after and played a wide range of music including the singles he has already put on streaming as well as unreleased songs coming soon. One of the coolest parts of the set happened when Daniel sung a few covers, but played all of the instruments himself- including a cello.

Photo by Kirsten Newbrough

Bottom line is that if you haven’t heard of Daniel Seavey before, now is your chance. He is incredibly talented and has big plans for the future. Follow along with his new releases here and catch him on the last few dates of his tour.

Daniel Seavey's set

Devin Kennedy's set

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