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A Review of Driveaway’s Single “Lifesize”

In a world where we’re surrounded by the 24-hour news cycle and endless social media feeds, Driveaway’s new single “Lifesize” offers much-needed respite. With lyrics reminiscent of sunshine after a few days of rain, the Florida indie-pop band is shifting toward their new era and showcasing their commitment to creating music that is inspiring and uplifting. “Lifesize” listeners will be encouraged to let go of their worries, cherish the present, and embrace the simple pleasures of life.

Photo by Jade Pike

“We were having trouble finishing some songs that were on the sadder side, and in the middle of struggling with that, I realized it was because I was finally really happy with everything in my life!” Driveaway lead vocalist Trenton Ropp shared about the inspiration behind the song. “I sat down and wrote this song very, very quickly, and I think it’s just a reminder to write about the good things while you have them.”

Following the release of their 2022 EP Feel Better Soon, “Lifesize” is Driveaway’s latest offering. A song that’s easy to imagine playing at full blast during a main character’s windows-down drive, the single features Driveaway’s signature blend of soaring guitar riffs, lush harmonies, and driving percussion.

The band has already gained a loyal following in the indie music scene across the country with notable gigs in joining the lineup of Rock the Boat and Playground Music Festival. Between playing on festival stages and hole-in-the-wall venues in their hometown, the band has received praise for their dynamic live shows and thoughtful songwriting.

Fans of artists such as The 1975, Grouplove, Dayglow, and Declan McKenna will enjoy “Lifesize” and Driveaway’s unique sound. Stream the single now on all major platforms.

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