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A Review of Sun Room’s EP ‘Outta Their Minds’

Sun Room is Outta Their Minds with this one! The southern California group released an EP this February.

“Coming straight out of our garage. It’s fun, loud, and has a bit more of a bite to it than any music we’ve put out before,” described vocalist Luke Asgian. This EP rings true to that. With already released songs “Cadillac” and “Kaden’s Vans” doing so well with fans, it’s no surprise the rest have been a hit. 

Sun Room blends their 60’s rock and surf punk influence while putting their own spin on it. They consistently produce music that makes you want to go outside and soak up the sun with your best friends. Singing about just wanting to have fun, being young and broke, or seeing a beautiful girl for the first time, there are feelings in these songs that everyone can relate to. Their songs are the soundtrack of summertime.  

A song like “Sunset Garage” can easily be envisioned as being played at a high school dance in the 60s. With the way it swings and grooves, the dances of that time would be perfect to accompany this track. Bringing those older influences into modern music is so cool, and Sun Room has done a great job at doing so.  

Outta Their Minds is the EP’s title track and will most likely become a new fan favorite. The chorus is a perfect sing-along moment that will be prominent at their upcoming shows. The band will be embarking on a tour supporting Inhaler this spring. It starts on March 13 and finishes with the band playing in Atlanta at Shaky Knees Festival on May 7. 

Sun Room has accomplished many amazing things, like playing over 115 shows in 2022 alone and traveling across 24 countries accompanying acts like Louis Tomlinson and Inhaler.

Sun Room is a band that won’t stop trying to play to whoever they can, no matter if it’s a house show full of their friends or sold out stadiums. If you get a chance to see them on their upcoming tour, definitely go out to catch their awesome set.

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