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For The Punks, created in August of 2019 by Karalyn Hope, is a resource and publication for fans and artists to connect, learn, and grow with each other. We focus on highlighting musicians, artists, and more through in depth reviews, interviews, Instagram takeovers, Spotify playlists, photo galleries, and much more.

The name ‘For The Punks’ was created and inspired by the song “For The Punx” by the Casualties. This site isn’t just for the punks, though.

For The Punks is a site by artists and by fans for artists and fans. It is not just for songs of the punk genre or for people who consider themselves a punk.

A punk to us is a person who fights for what they want regardless of obstacles. It’s a person who has an open mind. It’s a person who always want to learn and grow. It’s a person who is not afraid of being themselves. It’s a person who puts their heart and souls in their passion.

Being in the entertainment industry, has made us realize that we truly lack real connections with each other. It’s the same threads of questions over and over. “Who sells art prints? I want some?” and “Can someone suggest new bands?” are some that I hear the most.

Those questions are great but shouldn’t information like that be in one location?

For The Punks is that one location for questions like that to be answered.

For The Punks offer another an inside look on all of your favorite creators (of any medium and of any music genre) while offering a unique explore page to connect, hire, and learn about the special hardworking individuals in the creative industry.

Our resources page offers a chance for fans and artists to look at upcoming panels, events, and organizations that may be able to assist them with a variety of music and art related questions.

Our Explore page is filled with photographers, podcasts, publications, and more to support, hire, and follow. As of February 2022, the ‘Explore’ page is quiet but it will be back soon!

All character illustrations that you see on our logo, social media, Spotify and more were created by Jim Higgs. You can connect and follow Jim by going to @jimz_artz on Instagram.