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Addison Grace Releases Highly-Anticipated Second New Single “Makes Me Sick”

These days, anyone can go viral.

However, to stand out amongst all of the various social media platforms is no small feat. Booking a full United States tour, international music festivals and signing to a label all off of having a viral internet presence is becoming more common, but still unheard of. That is — unless you’re Addison Grace. The singer and songwriter released “Makes Me Sick,” this month and is preparing for his 2022 takeover.

Artwork credit: Cold Pizza

Growing up in Salt Lake City, Addison Grace was the only one in his circle of friends and family that was heavily interested in music. This often left him with a feeling of isolation and lead them to a place where all teenagers end up for advice — the internet. Addison’s self exploration journey began and they immediately connected with singer and songwriter, “Dodie.” At the time, Dodie was posting their music primarily to YouTube. “I honestly found myself and understood who I was because of other creators and musicians,” explains Addison. “Dodie genuinely seemed just like me in my brain; a girl and her ukulele, making their own songs, and later finding out they were bisexual.” This was a pivotal time for Addison, helping him figure out who he was before pursing music.

Watch the official music video for “Makes Me Sick: above.

YouTube has become a universal teacher to many, without having to go into debt from ridiculous student loan prices. Addison often referred to Youtube as a primary source for expanding their knowledge on music. Ukulele became his prime medium and once he started to feel confident with his skills, he began posting across social media. The internet responded positively and the rest is history.

“Makes Me Sick” is the culmination and latest example of Addison’s growth as an artist. At first listen, it’s easy to mistake the cool and collected vocals for The xx. The track shows the vulnerable side to navigating relationships. The challenges one can face with letting themselves love after being hurt from previous relationships is difficult to overcome. Self sabotaging is amidst in the background of Addison’s thoughts and lyrics, and how to allow himself to deal with accepting affection.

Photo credit: Courtney Kiara

It is hard to believe Addison Grace is only 20 years old and writing music as mature as this. It puts a lot into perspective; the growth of an artist, self discovery and creating tangible, yet relatable art to connect with fans is admirable.

“Makes Me Sick” is available on all streaming platforms now. Addison Grace is currently supporting Cavetown and Tessa Violet on their spring 2022 United States tour! Make sure to check out the dates so you don’t miss out, they are selling out quick!

For more information on Addison Grace and his current United States tour, view his website here.

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