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Addison Grace, Tessa Violet And Cavetown Perform At Cat’s Cradle in Carrboro, NC on March 30

Cavetown’s tour stopped by Cat’s Cradle in Carrboro, NC on March 30th 2022.

The show was opened by Addison Grace. Addison’s set had the most incredible crowd reaction that I’ve seen an opener have in a while. The crowd cheered and screamed the whole time but especially when hearing “Sugar Rush” and “I Wanna Be a Boy”. Their performance made everyone feel at home and like they were accepted. The room was filled with love as everyone sang together and it started the show off so well.

The next opener was Tessa Violet. Tessa’s energy throughout her set was contagious. She kept the crowd entertained while moving across the stage while still maintaining an intimate and relatable environment. It was so exciting to see Tessa’s presence on TikTok with her song “Yes Mom” be brought to a live crowd. During her set, Tessa brought a fan in front of the barricade to lead the crowd in waving. It was a special moment for everyone at the show.

Cavetown’s set was so special to witness. I watched fans that came in as strangers, leave as friends. Seeing fans hug each other as they sang the lyrics that they knew were the common tie between them was heartwarming. I spent a lot of the time watching people in the crowd because it seemed as if everyone had their own stories and connections to the songs. The parents in front of me were singing along with their children and it was so nice to see music bring them together. “This Is Home” and “Boys Will Be Bugs” were obvious crowd favorites but everyone seemed to love every song just as much as the next. Cavetown’s ability to create such a loving space and maintain it for the whole show was wonderful to see. And a quote I heard from someone in the crowd while leaving the venue, “You’re my one true real love- but I do have new celebrity crushes.”

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