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Alt-Pop Band [mila] Dives Deep Into Toxic Relationships and Love with New Release “Thuong Qua Is Vietnamese For I Love You”

[mila] is staying true to identifying their heartfelt feelings in their new song “Thuong Qua Is Vietnamese For I Love You.”

Made up of CJ Lawlor and Wren Mohammed, the inspiring alternative/pop-duo reflects on situations that could potentially be hazardous to themselves, but they decide to have it anyway.

Throughout the track, strong, groovy guitar riffs can be heard loudly echoing throughout the instrumentals, drawing listeners in right away. Being reminiscent of bands like Paramore and Hey Monday, the two travel through the song exploring the notions of toxicity and desire, while still adding entertaining lyrics to keep listeners interested.

Led by both Lawlor and Mohammed’s vocals, lyrics like “It’s what keeps you up at night, occupies your thoughts despite knowing it’s killing you,” can be heard throughout the bouncy track, emphasizing the theme of the song as a whole.

While simultaneously engaging you in with upbeat rhythms and hypnotizing chord progressions, the band also released a music video to accompany the alternative track. Scenes in the video consist of indie-film like flicks, ironically portraying the idea of an existing harmful circumstance and, despite the fact that it should not be allowed, it is simply too good to stay away from.

Speaking about the song, which was released today, March 10, [mila] explains: “Thuong Qua is a song about being face to face with things you know are toxic, and wanting to have the strength to choose things that are more wholesome and healthy for you. On a macro level, it’s about vaping. On a micro level, it’s about love.”

Though this song is the band’s first release and seems to be a chance for the duo to prove themselves as musicians, it is difficult to believe that this is just the start for the two. [mila] has done a magnificent job at capturing and luring ears who come across the track thus far, and will continue to have us dancing on our feet for future releases to come.

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