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America Part Two Release New Tracks “Split 2020” and “Freedom”

Using their platform to journalize the experience of being a young adult in America today, New Jersey rock trio America Part Two is taking the next step in their music journey by joining the Revival Recordings roster (Feverwar, The Stolen) and releasing two brand new tracks titled “Split 2020” and “Freedom”.

Alex Fabio (vocals/guitar), Fred Koechlin (vocals/bass), and Sam Weingarten (drums) blend together their love of 90’s garage, 60’s psychedelic, and 2000’s emo, to create music that discusses topics like social issues, growing up, political climate, love, and so much more.

America Part Two says, “It’s an honor to be working with the dream team at Revival Recordings to connect with more people like us, from all walks of life who want to leave our earth better than we found her.”

Photo by Nicky Fecht-muller

About a year ago, I met America Part Two for the very first time on their ‘Fall 2019 Tour’. Just after the tour ended, they shared, “this time next year, a three week tour will seem like a pebble compared to the mass of the rock that we will roll in 2020.” And they were right.

“Split 2020” and “Freedom” follow the release of “The Bridge”, a song about accepting reality and using all you have to step forward instead of back.

When America Part Two wrote these two songs in the same breath, they felt the direction of their band become clear. “Split 2020” is a remake of their war horn “Split” that blasts back at the world the only way they know how. It’s a fantastic remake. “Maybe it’s too fucking late for you / But we fight for America Part Two,” Alex Fabio and Fred Rainville sing and yell throughout the song.

Watch the official music video for the 2018 version of “Split” here:

“Freedom” has to be one of the strongest tracks from America Part Two. It’s a moving and thought provoking song. Not only is it filled with emotion and such strong vocals from both Alex and Fred, it’s filled with the raw rock and punk sound that the trio has always been true to.

America Part Two explained that “Freedom” is “the journey we’ve all embarked on to free ourselves from within because even in shackles, no tyrant can take one’s mind.”

“Freedom” closes with a powerful spoken word track that speaks, “Every single day people wake up and go to work stuck in the same situation… When will they read? When will they love? When will they sing? Some people start to think that they are stuck, there’s no way out, no escape. But there’s always an escape. When you start telling the right people in your life to fuck off, you find the freedom.”

With the energy and passion presented in “Split 2020” and “Freedom,” they are still staying true to their overall mission statement: perpetuate love, fight hate.

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