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An Interview With Hardcore Punk Band Scowl

It’s been a busy year for Santa Cruz based band Scowl. The hardcore punk band has essentially been nonstop touring since the beginning of 2022, with multiple full U.S. runs and even a U.K. tour planned in just a few weeks. From opening up for Limp Bizkit, to playing the coveted Sound and Fury Festival in Southern California, Scowl has made a lasting impression on many audiences. Their style of music separates them from the crowd because of their undeniable, contagious energy. The riffs are heavy and memorable, the vocals are full of rage and grit and with just one listen to any of their releases, you are instantly longing to see what they will do next. Scowl is headlining Act Like You Know Festival next month as well.

We got to catch up with lead vocalist Kat of Scowl and see what they’ve been up to!

Photo by Magdalena Wosinska

Thanks for taking the time to chat with For the Punks. What’s up with Scowl at the moment? Are you guys on the road or perhaps enjoying some time off? Seems like you all had a pretty busy year!

Thanks for taking time to chat with me! After a bit of a break, we just got back on the road for a two month long tour where we’ll be hitting the US supporting Drug Church, The Chats, and The Bronx. Following that we’ll be hitting a headliner tour with Anklebiter, Jivebomb, Restraining Order, Ghoulavelli, and Strange Joy. Finally, we’ll be touring with Stick To Your Guns in the UK come November.

I noticed you guys even opened for Limp Bizkit this year. I’m loving the revival they’re currently having. How did that go? Were you fans before the tour?

We were most definitely fans of LB! It was such a fun tour and a really special experience.

Getting your start in and around the Santa Cruz, California area —did it directly affect your style and writing of music, or shape the musicians and artists you wanted to be?

Coming from Northern California has most definitely shaped me artistically. Experiencing the weather, economy, and all around ‘vibe’ of California growing up is a fairly specific and unexplainable feeling but it’s has and will shape me and the way I visualize my art.

Scowl will be heading the Act Like You Know music festival this upcoming November, which showcases a lot of local favorite artists. Any local bands from Santa Cruz hold a special place in your hearts?

Drain, they helped me get more into the bay area scene and DIY shows. I’ll always be obsessed with Drain!

Your most recent release, How Flowers Grow, debuted last year. How would you describe the vibe and style of this album, in comparison to previous releases? Any things you specifically wanted to expand on as a band or change?

How Flowers Grow felt like we finally were a “real band”, I felt my most confident during the recording and writing process. We’ve always been interested in trying different things and I was so happy to display that in a few different ways.

What are some of your personal favorite songs to play live? What can one expect from a Scowl live set?

We’ll always play “Bloodhound” and “Retail Hell”, but “Four Walls” is the band’s unanimous favorite to play.

Any upcoming writing or recording plans we should look out for/any last remarks.

Absolutely! We just finished up recording in Philly with Will Yip and I cannot wait to share it with the world.

There’s a pretty likely change you could catch Scowl at some point during the remainder of the year. They’re currently wrapping up their tour with The Bronx and Drug Church, and will be starting their headlining tour with Anklebiter and Restraining Order at the end of the month! Scowl is also headlining Act Like You Know Festival next month in Oklahoma! Be on the lookout for their upcoming release which will be announced at a future date.

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