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Black Business Owners & Creators to Support

This is a list of Black business owners and creators to support. For The Punks wants to make sure that Black voices, creators, and shops are heard during this time and every single day after this.

Please share this list with your friends, your family, etc. This list will be updated as frequently as possible.

At the creators and small business owner: Please do not be afraid to reach out so we can share your work. We want to help you in any way that we can. Email and we will get you added ASAP. Please ask us questions and share any other relevant information as well.

Girl & Moon Shop: All items (candles, bath products, spiritual items) are hand crafted and made with love:

Tyler A. Norman: published her first book called “Love Starts Here: Creating Love Within for a Life Never Without”. Buy here:

Art by Sabri’a is a self taught artist based in San Diego:

TxpsyBoutique: Apparel S-3XL to accessories. “INCLUSIVITY is our thing. We want everyone to feel beautiful! 15% of tips will be sent to donations.” Support here:

Blissful Treasures: “Handmade beaded bracelets! Custom orders are accepted. Shipping is always free! Browse the shop today:

TionneSkin: Organic handmade skincare products! Face scrubs, body scrubs, Shea Butter Babe, lip gloss, face masks, and much more at

Urban Hippie Essentials: Natural soap and skincare products. Support here:

Anolion: Makeup, lashes. Support:

Vybz x Ki: Scrubs, butter, facial bars, foot care, and more. Support:

ANOMALY. Clothing company here to inspire CREATIVITY. Shop here:

DivineBeautyLLC: Lip gloss keychains with charms or a self defense keychain, lip masks, chapstick, lip glosses, lip oils, T-shirts, body butters, and much more. Shop:

Minkiannacosmetics: 25mm lashes and more. Shop here:

Melanin Minx: Mink lashes, custom wigs and lipgloss. Shop here: Lashes, lipgloss, jewelry. Shop now:

Luxurykreationz: Cruelty free lip glosses, all natural whipped shea butters, AirPod cases and more:

Cyanickoi: Resin and wire artist creating one of a kind vanity collections + more! Support:

Mabs Lab: Painter and lighter maker. Support:

Jaaysart: Abstract landscape painter. Support here:

Transient Moments Art: Painter. Support:

Pea the Feary: Illustrator and a Human Design reader! Website:

SublimeArtshop1: Stickers & art:

Pandis Soaps: Organic soaps with vegan and goat milk selections. They are unique, long-lasting, and environmentally responsible. Each bar is crafted with family in mind. Support here:

Localcharm Jewelry: Handmade Jewelry by Localcharm in San Francisco, California. Support here:

Blacksneakers Art: Artist, prints, stickers. Support:

BLK & Bold: Coffee and tea company and 5% of all their profits go to initiatives that support sustaining youth programming, enhancing workforce development, and eradicating youth homelessness. Shop:

Curl Box: Natural hair product subscription service. Every month you can try new curly hair products and they’ll be shipped right to your door! Website:

PUR Home: Natural and non-toxic household cleaning products. Support:

Camille Rose Naturals: Natural hair and skin care company. Support:

Illuminate B. Candles: Luxury soy candle line. “Our handmade candles are designed to uplift your spirit while bringing positive energy into your home!” Shop:

Kreative Kulture: A small clothing brand based out of Orangeburg County in South Carolina! “We love bringing essentials yet stylish pieces for an affordable price!” Shop:

B.E.A.T Apparel: Casual wear, fit/active wear and accessories. Support:

Sassy Symonne’s Boutique: “Become a sassy girl today.” Shop:

The Juma Brand: Jewelry store. Shop and support:

Mana Aura Cosmetics: All natural & organic lip balms guaranteed to soothe and protect your lips from anything. Shop and support:

ShunnyBeeSoaps: Natural products hand made face and body soaps. Support:

Ginger and Liz: Nail polish company. They have almost every color you could need and different types of top coats and treatments. Support:

Beauty Bakerie: Cruelty free cosmetics company. Website:

Arial: Published the book The Modern Day Black Alphabet, a photo book that teaches children the ABC’s through black experiences. Shop the book at:

Amber Soap Bar: Soap, bath bombs, Shea Butter, and more! Buy and support:

Taweelah Beauty: “Trying to make a way for Black women in the beauty industry!” Eyeshadow palettes, lashes, nail sets, bonnets, hijabs, and matte liquid lipsticks. Shop and support:

KGreen Art: Black art (has prints, apparel, and originals for sale). Support and head to her website:

ClawsbyLili: Press on nails. Buy and support:

MidiMayo: Buttons, pins, charms. Support:

Ka’ili Skin Care: Skincare, body, hair and baby products! Organic, handmade, and made to order. Provides free skincare advice as well. Shop and support:

Amayay’s Way: Jewelry, lipgloss. Support:

The Honey Pot: Feminine products, made with ingredients from the earth. 100% natural. “The first complete feminine care system that cleanses, protects, and balances your vagina.” Shop and support:

Yoso Clothing: Clothing company created by a black graphic designer who graduated from North Carolina A&T State University. Shop and support:

Made with Sol: Handcrafted goods and gifts. Shop:

MKR Luxuries: Quality mink lashes including 25MM and accessories. Shop:

A&M Winks: Lashes, brushes, tweezers, and more. Shop:

Shop Baileys: Masks, shirts, and more. Shop and support:

Elizabeth Hawkins: Published a book called Locket. Visit her website for more info:

UnapologeticallyUs: Organic, holistic, and monumental skin care company for people of color to feel recognized, empowered and good in their skin. Shop and support:

Mayfield Skate Company: Online skate shop. Shirts, stickers, and more. Shop and support:

Girl + God: Female Christian apparel. Shop and support:

The Scrub Factory: 100% organic scrubs & oils along with organic feminine vaginal products. Shop and support:

InclusiveRandomness / YouNeedButtons: Pin back buttons. Shop:

Chyna’s Beauty Collection: Lipgloss, accessories, and more. Shop:

The Bundle Experience: “We are your local hair plug! We focus on the sales and distribution of bundles, closures, and frontals. We handle 100% unprocessed virgin hair and all of our products come in its original texture.” Shop and support:

Overly Dedicated Activeware: “My focus is to push and motivate those to go above and beyond to get what they want out of life.” Shop:

M.McClendon Cosmetics LLC: Beauty products from lip gloss to body oil and lotions. Shop and support:

Paragondi: Clothing company. Shop:

Butter Me Up: 100% all natural body butter and beard oil. Body butter includes Shea Butter, coconut oil, Aloe, honey, grapeseed oil & more. Shop:

Art by Nade: Prints, candles, shirts, and more. Shop and support:

Panache & Co: Clothing, masks, wallets, accessories. Shop

In’A’Seashell: Swim-ware, bikinis and accessories. Shop:

B Faced Beauty: Facial care. Shop:

Winked Studio Lashes: 3D mink lashes! Shop and support:

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