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Blonde Redhead Packs Amsterdam Bar & Hall for an Electric Show on October 30th

‘90’s alt rock band, Blonde Redhead, packed Amsterdam Bar & Hall on October 30th for a sold out show full of high energy and stunning visuals. The show was one of many on their extensive run following the release of their first new album in over nine years, Sit Down for Dinner, back in September. The album features a dreamy spin on their classic alternative sound that pleases fans old and new.

Minnesota-born artist, Lutalo, opened the evening with their take on the folk genre which weaves a grungy tone with postmodernist lyricism. Their stage presence was an art form in and of itself, coupling their unique sound with dim colored lighting and black and white television screens. Lutalo also released an album this year titled, AGAIN, and I would definitely recommend checking it out no matter what genre you generally find yourself listening to; they offer a little bit of everything.  

I managed to weave through the crowd to grab a glass of water and on my way back up to the stage I heard that the room had fully sold out. Fans were packed wall to wall when Blonde Redhead finally took the stage and as they began to play I could see why. I was entranced by their ethereal combination of performance art, grungy guitar tones, and eerie sounding vocals. As I made my way to the back of the crowd to catch some shots, I was met face to face with die hard fans, some headbanging, some swaying back and forth in a dream-like state. Their set was nothing short of hypnotic and it truly was one of my favorites of the year.

You do not want to miss your chance to catch Blonde Redhead the next time they make it to your city. Though U.S. dates for the Sit Down for Dinner tour are quickly coming to a close, the trio is not done for the year with a full run of Europe coming later this month. 


Blonde Redhead

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