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Bluegrass In The Fields Of Indiana

On Friday February 16, Nickel Creek and The Staves took the stage in Fort Wayne, Indiana at The Clyde Theatre. Playing almost a two-hour set, Nickel Creek played a wide variety of new and old music for the recent fans, and the fans that have been here from the start, hiatus, and return.

Starting off the night was a sister indie folk duo from England called The Staves. With their gorgeous accents and beautiful strumming, they warmed the crowd up with their funny stories and peaceful music. They truly had such a peaceful tone. I was only able to see a couple of their songs, but they did a wonderful job entertaining the audience.

The crowd was quite the mix of humans. You had children under 10 with their parents all the way to grandmas and grandpas there to enjoy one of their favorite bands. Nickel Creek is a bluegrass trio from California that got their start back in the early 90’s. The band consists of Chris Thile on the mandolin, siblings Sara Watkins on the fiddle, and Sean Watkins on the guitar. After being a band for nearly 17 years, they took a hiatus to adventure out on their own. Nickel Creek returned in 2014 and clearly still have a large fan base.

The concert itself was so much fun. I must admit, this isn’t my usual taste in music. Throughout the night, I found myself enjoying the music more and more. With a sense of powerful instrumentals and lyrics that honestly made me want to skip everywhere, the concert was very enjoyable. They made a couple jokes about Chris telling Sean he knew he’d be a big hit in Fort Wayne, Indiana since they were children, it was clear how much the audience loved them. After a few shouts from the crown of endearing sentiment, the band made sure the audience knew how much they appreciated them.

All in all, if you have the chance to see Nickel Creek in your city, I highly recommend grabbing a ticket. If not for the music, go for the merch. They seriously had some of the best merch I have ever seen. Be sure to connect with Nickel Creek on their socials and stream their newest single “Strangers” today. View their website here.

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