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Bright Eyes and Maya Hawke Play a Sold Out Show in Minneapolis

Long-adored indie rock band, Bright Eyes, stopped at a very sold out First Avenue on May 11th to play an incredible emotion-packed set. Minneapolis was the second city on their spring tour following the second wave of their Companion releases last November. The project involves rereleasing their entire discography alongside several new songs with many special guest performances featured on the tracks. The releases have attracted many fans, old and new, building the excitement around this run of shows. 

Opener Maya Hawke delivered a stellar performance entrancing the room with several dedicated fans belting lyrics alongside her from the front row. This is the second time this spring Hawke has stopped in Minneapolis, the first being back in March at the more intimate Fine Line venue just down the street from First Avenue. It is safe to say that Maya’s fans will follow her wherever she goes. By the end of her set, Hawke had effectively warmed up the room and the anticipation was heavy as we waited for Bright Eyes to take the stage. 

Finally, Lead singer Conor and the band took the stage and began their set with “Attempt to Tip the Scales,” a classic off of their 2000 album, Fevers and Mirrors. The packed room sang with emotion and power, at times reducing my ability to hear the speakers directly in front of me.

By the end of their 21 song set, many tears were shed among the audience. After 28 years, I can safely say that Bright Eyes truly knows how to put on a show again and again and again. Catch their spectacular performance at a city near you!

Maya Hawke

Bright Eyes

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