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Caroline Rose Takes the Stage With Kairos Creature Club At First Avenue In Minneapolis

Caroline Rose put on a spectacular show at First Avenue in Minneapolis on Sunday. Kairos Creature Club opened the evening with their unique version of psychedelic indie rock. The combination of lighting and sound pulled the audience into a trance for their 45 minute set. When they left the stage, the anticipation began to build for headliner, Caroline Rose. One crowd-member told me that they had been waiting for weeks to see Caroline’s set because they had heard how incredible the performance was, referencing the pile of lights and projectors that split the photo-pit in half.

As soon as Caroline took the stage, I could tell that they were right. The use of lighting and projected graphics created a breathtaking show like none that I have ever seen. As I left the pit, a staff member told me that we were allowed to come back 65 minutes into the show as Caroline had a set change. Intrigued, I watched the show from the balcony as I waited for the time to come. Finally it was time. Being back in the pit so far into the set was electric. With the energy of the audience at its peak, Caroline crowd surfed right over my head as they delivered a performance that entranced the room. Even if you aren’t familiar with their music, Caroline Rose’s show is a must see. Catch their show at a tour stop near you! Follow Caroline on Instagram here.

Kairos Creature Club

Caroline Rose

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