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Christian French’s The Space Between Tour Made A Stop in St. Paul on October 11th

Christian French stopped by Amsterdam Bar & Hall in St. Paul, Minnesota on his extensive The Space Between tour on October 11th. The tour followed the release of his long awaited album The Space Between last month. It was a spectacular evening of pop music that brought in quite the crowd and openers Lisa Heller and Devon Gabriella did an amazing job of getting the night started. 

Despite an injured ankle adorned with a boot, Lisa Heller filled the room with her lovely presence and high hitting vocals. The LA-based artist released an EP titled Damage Control earlier this year and you should definitely check it out if you’re a fan of pop artists like Olivia Rodrigo. 

Next up was Devon Gabriella. After growing in popularity on TikTok over the last year, Devon has acquired a wonderful fanbase of her own and you could feel it in the room as fans sang her lyrics right alongside her and her acoustic guitar. Devon also released some new music recently in the form of a single titled “afraid of heights” back in August. She put on a great set and successfully got the crowd ready for her successor. 

Finally, it was time for Christian French. Despite my love of his new release, I had not realized how passionate of a fanbase the 26 year old has acquired over the last few years. I spoke with a couple of fans who said they were heading straight to Denver to catch his show just two days later. I can safely say he lived up to the hype! With spectacular energy, Christian moved back and forth across the stage connecting with fans, dancing, and hyping up his other band members. It was amazing to watch and I was stoked to finally hear my favorites off of The Space Between. Though his tour came to a close on the 21st, if you ever get the chance, you should definitely catch one of his sets!

Lisa Heller

Devon Gabriella

Christian French

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