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Dean Lewis Performs At The Fillmore In Silver Spring, MD On May 17

Dean Lewis brought his ‘Sad Boi Winter Summer Tour’ to The Fillmore in Silver Spring, MD on May 17th, 2022.

Opening for Dean was Forrest Blakk who sang a handful of love songs and emplored about how much he loves his girlfriend. He had mentioned that Silver Spring was his favorite crowd yet and even dedicated one of his songs to a couple in the crowd who had been dating for over 2.5 years.

Forrest Blakk

The crowd was enamored with Dean and his hit songs. Everyone that attended the show brought their all. The crowd knew all of Dean’s lyrics and he looked happy and smiley the whole time knowing everyone was enjoying themselves.

I admire Dean as an artist. While taking photos of him from the photo pit, he seemed to make eye contact with almost every one of his fans. Almost as a thank you for being there.

Dean’s show was a good time; very upbeat and definitely a show that anyone can attend and enjoy!

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