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Dragged Under Performs In South Carolina With The Seafloor Cinema And Aryia

On September 2, I had the honor to catch Dragged Under in Columbia, South Carolina for their headlining tour. I also had the amazing pleasure to share the stage with them with my own band, Parris Bridge. 

I won’t go on about my own band but we were honored to play this amazing show.

Aryia took the stage. He is a new up and coming pop-punk artist. He had lots of energy on stage and his music is very new wave punk. Aryia’s set was a lot of fun and he knew how to entertain a crowd.

Next was The Seafloor Cinema. These guys were so incredibly talented and nice. I was really looking forward to their set and they did not disappoint. Very melodic pop-punk/rock. I can’t really explain their sound but it’s awesome. 

Up next was supposed to be Rivals, who is bad ass band. Unfortunately, they had van troubles earlier in the day and was unable to make the show. Very bummed about that but there were a lot of people I talked to that said they were there to specifically to see them. I would still recommend checking out their music and seeing if they have any upcoming shows!

Last but not least was Dragged Under. These guys were some of the nicest people I have ever met. We talked to some of the members for at least and hour. Just very personable people.

When they got on stage, they transformed into some of the best performers. Truly. They are just so good live, it sounds recorded. I could watch them play over and over. On top of that, they played a lot of songs off their new album, Upright Animals. So if you haven’t listened to that record yet, I highly suggest you check it out!


The Seafloor Cinema

Dragged Under

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