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“Evan”: Hayley Dare’s Daring New Single

Hayley Dare’s new single “Evan” is a vulnerable track where the artist regains power from her assaulter. Calling him by his name, Hayley questions his morals and publicizes what he’s done. This is an ultimate power move towards him, and I find her public reclaiming inspiring. She writes that it is a “musical middle finger” towards him as she worked through her feelings.

The indie-pop song is catchy with a chorus that I found myself singing while walking around my room, and her empowering lyrics bring chills down my spine.

Hayley Dare New Single "Evan"

While I especially enjoyed the lyrics, I also loved the familiar rhythm found in indie pop.

“Who’s got the power now?” Hayley’s voice echoes through the song, in a matter of reclaiming throughout healing. It reminds me of Gina Royale’s “March Song”, a call of taking actions.

I personally applaud Hayley for being able to write such empowering lyrics about such a personal situation. She is able to do something I very much admire of singer-songwriters- the ability to make art out of such a vulnerable place, and make it relatable.

Hayley describes her music as “sweet and sultry” vocals and “dark and sincere.” We would describe her as a must listen for all you indie-pop fans.

If you like meaningful lyrics with catchy rhythms, then check out Hayley Dare’s new single “Evan” today!

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