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15 Items You Need This Fall and Halloween Season

Even though Halloween may be over a month away, it’s time to start planning for the up and coming fall and Halloween season! It’s another perfect time to support small businesses and to decorate your home. Find all of your fall and Halloween essential needs at the shops below!

Paintings (and other art) by DaiLee Creations

These paintings by DaiLee Creations will be the perfect addition to your wall. Luckily enough, her commissions are open as well! Along with paintings, she has made candles, prints, and more.

Shop here:

Follow her on Twitter:

LiSewShop’s Halloween scrunchies

What can go wrong with another one or two scrunchies to your collection, right? These spiderweb scrunchies by LiSewShop are the best thing to have this Halloween!

Shop here:

Halloween Collection from Firstborne Creative

Nikki, also known as Firstborne Creative recently dropped part one of her Halloween collection. Featuring paintings, a pin, prints, coffin decor, and more, we really think her art is a must need in your house this season. She really captures the Halloween spirit!

Shop here:

Paintings by Noel / Jaaysart

Noel, also known as Jaaysart, simply likes to paint her emotions. With a shop update every Saturday at 3pm CST, you might be able to find something that not only touches your heart but reminds you of the fall and Halloween season. Follow her on Twitter here for updates and more! Even if you cannot buy a piece of art from her, we recommend following her to still have a part of her emotion in your timeline.

Shop here:

Masks, Scrunchies, and more by ScientificallyCrafty LCC

Nikky the seamstress has been releasing some fantastic Halloween and fall inspired masks and scrunchies! She has so many spooky things in her shop. Be sure to stay updated to see when her next shop update is.

Shop here:

Soap and Scrubs by The Pumpkin Patch

This time of the year isn’t complete without some handmade whimsical soaps and scrubs by ThePumpkinPatch! They have new releases every single month with a specific theme, with the next month or two being fall and Halloween. The soaps and scrubs are also palm free and vegan!

Shop the soap and more here:

Stickers by VikiiT

VikiiT sells stickers and prints of her art. With recently released fall and Halloween inspired art, we think it would be the perfect addition to your laptop, water bottle, wall, or wherever you place the stickers and art prints you love.

Visit the shop here:

Crochet pumpkins and fiber art from Lakeside Knot Shop.

Mom of two boys, coffee addict, and fiber artist Lakeside Knot Shop has created some very cute crochet pumpkins! Along with this, she has multiple other items in her shop. These are the perfect house decoration for fall! Her custom orders are open now so act fast before you miss your chance. Follow her on Twitter here for updates.

Shop here:

Fall and Halloween Animal Crossing Enamel Pins by SpaceTaxi

Made with love by SpaceTaxi, these fall and Halloween Animal Crossing themed enamel pins are a must have for anyone who loves to collect enamel pins. With pins based off of Cherry, Kiki, Lucky, and more these enamel pins are one of our favorite must have items from this list. I mean, who doesn’t love Animal Crossing?

Shop here:

Embroidered Ghost Beanies + Shirts by Naturesafe

Everyone needs a set of matching embroidered ghost and shirt beanies for the fall and Halloween season, right? Right. Naturesafe has the perfect set for you. Be sure to keep an eye out on her shop updates every single Friday at 3 pm EST so you don’t miss out on the beanie and shirt! Who knows, maybe she will keep these items up all year long due to the high demand. Follow Jade, aka Naturesafe, on Twitter here.

Shop here:

Spooky’s n Cream Keychains by ArtsDecay

Everyone loves keychains right? These acrylic charm Spooky’s n Cream Keychains by ArtsDecay are a need for the 2020 Halloween season. Filled with everything sweet and spooky, you can pass up this artwork. Along with keychains, ArtsDecay also has prints and stickers for sale.

Buy the keychain here:

Ack Ack Enamel Pins by MarsyArtsy

These Ack Ack enamel pins by MarsyArtsy will be a perfect addition to your collection. Along with this pin, she has other pins and earrings for sale. Her commissions are also open.


Embroidery by Morgan the Embroideredbtch

We are so fascinated with the embroidery that Morgan does! It’s absolutely perfect for the upcoming season. Creating pieces based on beloved characters and movies, Morgan’s work is a must have. Follow Morgan on Twitter here.

Shop here:

Candles by The Wax Queen Co.

Nothing screams fall and halloween better than these specially made candles by the Wax Queen. Handcrafted in Georgia, these 100% handmade soy-blend candles will be the perfect addition to your house this fall and Halloween season. Her next update is on September 7 which includes scents like Pumpkin Pecan Waffles, Flannel, Banana Nut Bread, and more.

Shop here:

Learn more about Wax Queen Candle Co here:

Polymer Clay Art + Jewerly from Bean

Last but not least, Bean focuses on making the most realistic art and jewelry out of polymer clay. No, it’s not edible (though we wish it was). Her Halloween drop will be on September 10 at 2 pm est. We are hoping she has more drops fall and Halloween drops after the tenth, because not only do her drops sell quickly, her art is just too good to pass.


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