What is For The Punks?

For The Punks is an online magazine and resource created in August 2019 by Karalyn Hope that aims to connect fans and creators together to grow, learn, an explore. For The Punks is by fans and creators for fans and creators.

Do you cover just punk music?

No! We cover any genre of music. We cover all mediums of art. We cover film and we write think pieces about our industries.

Why “For The Punks” then?

We were inspired by the song “For The Punx” by The Casualties for the name of the magazine and resource.

A punk to us is a person who fights for what they want regardless of obstacles. It’s a person who has an open mind. It’s a person who always want to learn and grow. It’s a person who is not afraid of being themselves. It’s a person who puts their heart and souls in their passion.

What is the Explore page?

The Explore page is designed to give fans and creators a chance to submit their work and to network, hire, and connect with other musicians, publications, and more. The more people who submit, the more chances you have to connect with others.

Check out the Explore page here.

As of April 2021, the Explore page is quiet. We are hoping to revive it soon!

I have a question about the Explore page, what do I do?

You can email explore@ftpunks.com with any questions, concerns, or comments you have about the Explore page. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

What’s “Feature Of The Month”?

“Feature of the Month” is For The Punks’ monthly series that highlights musicians, creators, and small businesses who we believe are going above and beyond within their business, art, and/or music.

We aim to do one of each category each month (for a total of three) but sometimes it doesn’t work out. These features are also posted on our home page for the whole month.

If you think you are a good fit for this monthly feature, send us an email! These features should be businesses working on a new drop, donating money to a great organization, musicians releasing a new project, going on tour, etc. Basically, big and special news that separates you from the rest!

What is “Punk Of The Week”?

This is a series, currently not on a set schedule, where we shout out an up and coming artist that we love and want to support. These are, more often than not, non-musicians.

If you are a painter, drawer, MUA, photographer, videographer, poet, etc., who wants to be considered for this weekly feature, send us an email. Our goal with “Punk Of The Week” is to include more non-musicians on our page. We are an art and music publication.

Please email submit@ftpunks.com to be considered.

What is “For The Punks Biweekly”?

For The Punks Biweekly is our biweekly Spotify playlist that features our favorite new releases and discoveries. This playlist is updated every two Fridays. You can follow and save the playlist by clicking here. We also have an archives for this playlist. All songs will be in this playlist. This just means that it will be easier to access songs from previous weeks if you forget to save or want to explore more!

You are allowed to submit your music to this playlist. Please send an email to submit@ftpunks.com with the subject line “Biweekly Playlist Submission”.

So, I can submit my work to you?

Yes. If you are a musician, artist, or publicist who wants to send work to us, please email submit@ftpunks.com. Please address us by ‘For The Punks’! Our name is not ‘FT punks’ or any similar variation.

Please do not submit your work to us via DM on social media. We will either miss the message or direct you to email us. We just want to stay organized and email is the best way!

We do interviews, reviews, general feature pieces, premieres, and more. Please be specific on what you want while emailing us.

When you submit to us, please be sure to include as much information about you and your work as possible. This means social media links, photos, EPK, press release(s), etc. We just want to learn about you! It is hard if you just send one link to your Spotify track.

Please note that we try to feature as many creators and musicians as we can. We cannot guarantee a feature nor can we guarantee a reply to your submission.

Can I follow up to my submission?

Sure! You can send a follow-up email. We get a lot of emails so it is recommended to do this once or twice. Please do not follow up with us on our social media platforms.

Can I join your team?

Yes it is possible to join our team when applications are open. As of January 1, 2022, we are looking for new writers to join our team. Please follow us on social media to stay updated on more opportunities in the future!

I have a suggestion for your site. I have a question that is not listed here? What do I do?

Awesome! Please fill out the contact us form here and we will get back to you as soon as we can!