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Fenne Lily & Christian Lee Hutson Perform In Minneapolis, MN On May 23

Fenne Lily and Christian Lee Hutson hosted an ethereal evening at the Fine Line in Minneapolis, Minnesota on May 23. The pair are currently in the middle of co-headlining journey around North America following the release of Fenne’s new album, Big Picture. The night felt private and home-like as their companions, Work Wife, took the stage. Lead singer Meredith Lampe announced that though a little chaotic, their tour thus far had been spectacular as each show felt like spending an evening sharing songs among close friends. With their wonderful blend of folk and indie rock, the crowd instantly fell in love with Work Wife’s personal lyrics and lovely energy. I had to purchase a cassette at the merch table after their set because they truly blew me away.

After a quick changeover, Fenne Lily took the stage and blessed the crowd with her melodic voice and soothing sound. Playing many songs off of her new album, Fenne and her band entranced the room, continuing the cozy feeling emanated throughout the evening. And what would be a night amongst friends without guest appearances? Throughout her set, Fenne called up members of Work Wife and fellow headliner, Christian Lee Hutson, making the audience feel like members of the road-family. By the end of her set, the audience had entered another world and was ready for Christian Lee Hutson and his twinkling, constellation back-drop to take the stage.

Hutson finished out the evening with songs old and new, along with another guest appearance by Fenne. The crowd, united as one, sang along to his comical, yet intimate lyrics and left feeling seen and loved, many stopping at the merch table to grab items from the artists waiting to greet them. Christian Lee Hutson and Fenne Lily truly put on an enchanting show and if you have the chance, you should absolutely run to catch them at one of their remaining dates!

Work Wife

Christian Lee Hutson

Fenne Lily

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