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Fletcher Visits 9:30 Club In Washington, D.C. On March 20

Fletcher was here in Washington, D.C. at 9:30 Club on March 20, 2022 and she brought a live performance that anyone could have hoped for. 

Fletcher by Nicole Frunza

Fletcher’s opening acts were an amazing start to the show. To call this tour a Bad Ass All Women Tour would be an understatement (and what better to happen during Women’s History Month?). Amelia Moore came on stage first with fire vocals and bright hair. The sweet Julia Wolf was next and got the crowd to sing Fletcher happy birthday (which was the previous day, March 19). 

Fletcher started off her set on top of this insane setup that looked like an abandoned building that was easily 10 feet high. For her second song, she climbed down the ladder and joined her bandmates on stage. There were a lot of people in the crowd that held signs such as “I’m single” or “I just got divorced,” which Fletcher was entertained by. 

The crowd had lots of couples enjoying their night and the vibe was incredibly LGBTQ+ friendly and felt very safe for anyone wanting to attend the show. 

Fletcher had mentioned that she had been to this venue (9:30 Club) previously as an opener in 2019 and couldn’t believe that she was back again and headlining at a sold out show. 

Every artist that played at this show had both a different vibe and insane vocals and if you get the chance to see these amazing women live you definitely should jump on it. 

Amelia Moore

Julia Wolf


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