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Good Vibes Only From Foxtide: A Review Of Their EP ‘Paradise’

Sad songs are good for the emotions and helpful for getting through tough relations thanks to relatability. Sometimes though, you just need some good vibes and that’s what Foxtide brought with Paradise.

Photo by Eric Schlesinger

Spawning from Southern California, Foxtide started to release music in 2019 with the band’s first EP, Blind. The band released their second EP, Visions, in 2021 which garnered them a larger national coverage. This coverage allowed the band to play shows with groups such as, The Backseat Lovers, Mustard Service, and Beach Goons. On top of that the band played Nothing Fest which also featured Beach Fossils, STRFKR, Together Pangea, and more on top of that. In 2020, Foxtide released the single “Everything That’s Mine” with the next set of singles constantly appearing all throughout 2022. 2023 would also see a consistent release of singles which would culminate in their latest EP Paradise.

Paradise was released on November 17, 2023. Before its release, three singles were shared to accompany the record. The singles were “Hold On” (accompanied by an acoustic version), “What Good Is It,” and the title track “Paradise.”

Holding 6 songs, Paradise is an EP that, while you’re listening, you can’t help but feel good about listening to. Featuring up-beat tempos and good vibes within the instrumentals, lyrics, and vocals alike it’s hard to not crack some smiles while listening.

Starting things off with the track “What Good Is It” you get clued in on the upbeat tones of the record almost immediately thanks to drummer Ian Robles. The song takes simple concepts and applies them in a very well crafted manner to boost the overall mood of the song in the process. Moving on the scale during the pre chorus on vocals keeps the major tone of the track. It also allows the backing to have brighter outputs while differentiating itself from the verses. A driving snare, catchy riff, and vocals from Elijah Gibbins-Croft, that remind of The Strokes, help push the song forward as the great opener it is.

“Bumps and Bruises” will make you want to pick up a surfboard and go surfing even if you have never learned. A riding bass groove throughout this whole song from bassist Oey James, pairs so well with the rest of the group. Such as when guitarist Dom Friedly is providing a guitar lick in the pre chorus before Robles brings it back for the chorus. Immediately from the get go Gibbins-Croft ques the audience in on the theme of the song with the line “Nothing serious”. The overall song announces for the listener to keep their inner teenager alive and to not grow up too soon. It is a theme not new to the genre with there being songs a plenty about not letting old age get to you. A line in this song that helps it stand out from others for me is the line “The sun came out and then it left; wasted time again.” On first listen the lyrics feel like they may contradict the instrumentals in tone but in reality they play together in a tone that makes you want to dominate the day in the best way.

Following that is the lead single “Hold On.” This song continues where “Bumps and Bruises” left on in tone. When listening to the track it is clear why this was the single for the EP as it encompasses what the release is about. Guitars that can go from light to hard at the drop of a dime, another bass line from James that grooves throughout the whole track, and Robles driving the song all throughout. The song is brought together by great vocals from Gibbins-Croft who helps drive home the fact that this band sounds like they time traveled from the early 2000s to bring us the rock music we have missed so dearly.

Pulling things back is the track “Paradise,” which compared to what has been presented already is something that is much lighter than the rest. Not saying the song doesn’t know how to kick in when it wants to, the band just seems to have a great grasp on when to really lay in on the instrumentals. Like when Friedly starts soloing the instrumentals behind, such Robles fantastic drum solo, start truly having fun driving the grit of the song before Gibbings-Croft comes back for a down moment that is complemented by droning guitars that lead to the rest of group coming back strong to end the track.

The internal conversation that is also held within this track pays great complement to the instrumentals. Trying to figure out what you want in life can be a conversation that starts out nice and calm but as things go on it can become more chaotic. This song harnesses that concept through and through. As the conversation (the lyrics) keep going the instrumentals pick up which is such a good touch.

“Staring at the Wall” is my personal favorite track on this record as I personally enjoy how it chills with its relatable theme. I think the whole band shines the most as they all seem to be at the peak of their respective elements. Multiple changeups in format with fun effects throughout the whole song differentiate it from the rest of the EP while not letting it be an outlier. In my opinion this is also my favorite performance vocally throughout the whole EP. The performance, like the rest of the EP, keeps giving the best of a 2000s sound without it feeling like nostalgia bait.

The key question I had when listening to this EP was how were they going to end it, better yet how was the closing track going to sound while remaining consistent with the rest of the EP. Luckily “Running from Myself” culminates everything heard thus far in the best closing track possible. Highlighting sounds and styles heard throughout the entire EP while also switching things up here and there. One of my favorite parts of this track is towards the tail end of the track when the band adds guitars and synths to a fun rhythmic section that accompanies multiple layers of vocals. It is a track that is chalked to the brim with fun details you won’t catch on a first listen.

Overall Paradise is a feel good EP that you can’t go wrong with. Especially if you are someone who craves for a return of 2000s rock with a modern twist, this is the EP that will tickle your fancy. There isn’t a track on this EP that didn’t create an upbeat aura when listening. Not to mention very tight and in the pocket performing from everyone involved in the band. It is going to be fun to see what the band has in store going forward.

The band will be joining The Hails on tour all throughout February. If you would like to learn more information you can check out their website.

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