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Healing With HARLOE: “Rivers Run Dry” EP Review

“I think it’s that I want people to find more about themselves and find comfort and healing in that” HARLOE on her debut release, Rivers Run Dry.

Solo artist and Grammy-nominated producer, singer, and songwriter HARLOE released her debut EP, Rivers Run Dry, in March of 2020. Rivers Run Dry, including fan favorites of “Crush On You” and “Rivers Run Dry” sends a message of healing. Throughout this five song EP, HARLOE sings right from the heart.

Before releasing her personal work, HARLOE wrote and produced for artists like Charli XCX, Celine Dion, Britney Spears, and even Kelly Clarckson’s latest album Meaning of Life, which earned HARLOE a Grammy nomination.

HARLOE stepped out of her role as a songwriter and into her own artistry. Constructing a world of her own with her Rivers Run Dry EP, HARLOE showcases a side of herself that she’s yet to share as she walks through the chaos of life and embraces it making her a force to be reckoned with. Rivers Run Dry is filled with notable pop-rock, indie, R&B, and alternative sounds along with her outstanding vocals lyrics that have one overall goal, to find comfort and healing within.

In a recent interview, HARLOE said, regarding the EP, “I think it’s that I want people to find more about themselves and find comfort and healing in that. That’s what the album was for me, I would love to have others feel the same.”

Track three of the EP, “We’re All Gonna Lose” is accompanied with a very powerful music video. HARLOE says, “It’s [“We’re All Gonna Lose” music video] about having everything and then losing everything but healing from it and coming into a new space that is almost heavenly, airy, light, and easy. Once you’re who you’re really are you can enter into that, and that’s what I wanted people to take away from it. It’s kind of a fantastical approach to a more simple message.”

You can watch the “We’re All Gonna Lose” music video here:

After listening to the debut EP from HARLOE, I do feel a sense of comfort and healing within her voice, lyrics, and the sound. It’s a beautifully produced EP that is not only wonderful to listen to but to learn and find comfort and healing from, especially after a breakup.

HARLOE’s advice regarding a breakup is, “IT WILL BE OKAY!! It’s an always evolving process, I’m still going through it, but it makes me more human and I’m so thankful for that because I learned more about myself.”

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