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Heart Attack Man Brings ‘Freak of NaTour’ To Tampa, Florida on June 7

In celebration of the release of their recent album, Freak of Nature, Heart Attack Man is bringing their ‘Freak of NaTour’ across the country with support from Photocopy, Super American, and Arm’s Length. The tour got sweaty in Tampa, Florida on June 7.

Incredibly, this is Photocopy’s first ever tour, so be sure to get there early to show them some love! With their unique blend of pop punk and 90s alternative vibes, Super American gave us a fitting, beachy set for the Florida summer. Arm’s Length drew a sizable crowd of fans ready to sing along. This band is a powerful one, and seeing them play these shows feels like you’re watching the beginning of something really special taking off. It’s only a matter of time before we see them take on bigger and bigger crowds.

With a pop of confetti, Heart Attack Man exploded onto the stage. Whether you’ve been a fan for years or just happened to find yourself at one of their shows out of the blue, their stage presence and energy are sure to win you over every time. Their setlist incorporated a good chunk of the new album, along with tracks from 2019’s Fake Blood and 2021’s monster of an EP, Thoughtz & Prayerz. Sporting fun outfits and face paint, their fans became their own element of the performance. One even donned a full ghillie suit to take on the pit! This venue typically has a barricade, but it had been ditched for the occasion allowing for plenty of stage diving.

The tour is heading into its final USA dates in the midwest before Heart Attack Man takes on the United Kingdom in July. For those planning on attending, don’t forget to stop by the Heart Attack Man merch table and pick up some of their signature branded deodorant before you jump in the pit!


Super American

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Heart Attack Man

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