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Holly Clausius ‘forget-you-not’ EP Review

Alternative music artist Holly Clausius released a new EP forget-you-not on October 27, 2022.

The Toronto based singer-songwriter creates an elegant sound within this EP filled with tubular throwbacks to 80s style synths and melodies.

From the sounds present in her title track “forget-you-not” to the soulful vocals of “spotlight,” each song showcases Clausius’ growth in coping with pain and heartbreak. As she intertwines catchy melodies, she introduces a unique character to convey her story. Flora, with long periwinkle hair and glitter lining her face, tells the story of her healing.

From “I Feel You” to “you didn’t deserve me,” each track creates a captivating listening experience that causes the listener to go on this journey, from pain to recovery, alongside Flora. Having played across several venues, Clausius has carried the sounds of Amy Winehouse, Julia Jacklin, Adele, Maggie Rogers, and Taylor Swift all the way from Toronto to Los Angeles.

There is no denying Clausius’ natural songwriting ability. Her track “creedance” is a prime example of this. Here we’re taken on a journey through her deep thoughts and emotions in the form of a smooth ballad. The lyrics are personal and overall tell a story of Clausius’ experiences with sexual identity, heartbreak, and nostalgia. The chorus begins, “they say that love songs are for kings and queens but I’m fallin’ in love with a princess.” Here she is describing her first date with a woman yet her anxieties are present in the bridge, “And as I float into bed, your name echoes in my head. But in just one week, you’ll forget about me, won’t you?” Being the second track on the album the story is just beginning and we see the blend between hope and fear.

While “creedance” is a stand-out on the EP, each track is essential to her journey and possess unique sounds and relatable lyrics. Throughout the entirety of the EP, the listener is met with live horns, pounding drums, and touching lyrics. As mentioned in a recent Instagram post, “I Feel You” was the first song Clausius has ever written on piano and a strong inspiration for the EP. This track is also what gives the EP a love letter feel. Particularly the lyric “I feel you, now you know the truth” makes it seem as though these were things left unsaid. Although, now that she has released this to the world, there’s a sense of closure and excitement for what comes next.

Find Holly Clausius’ new EP forget-you-not on your preferred music streaming platform. It is a unique collection of songs for pop, rock, soul, and folk listeners alike.

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