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Idle Minds Plants Roots in Pop-Punk with Debut Single “Blossom”

Idle Minds came out with their first single Blossom April 23, 2021. The song adequately introduces the band’s commitment to quality and poetry.

1. Poetic Lyrics

The band is fronted by poet and musician Trevor Stout who just released ‘Rain Smell’ a collection of poems and lyrics. Blossom’s lyrics play with the connotation of ‘flower’. Read the single’s lyrics and you’re sure to find floral metaphors. The band debuts mid-spring, when flowers are in full bloom. Though one could argue floral metaphors are cliche, they are well executed in that they are cohesive and accessible.

2. Tone

“Blossom”’s music video is a great representation of who the band is and what they want to achieve. It tells a story of two fun lovin’ individuals putting in the work to make a band. The commitment to plot and smooth video editing show the band’s attention to detail. Like the flower metaphor, the video is simple, accessible, and well thought out.

Watch the music video here:

3. Opinion

“Blossom” is an easy pop-punk jam, and I can assume their future releases will be similar. For me, pop-punk is defined by their catchy hooks and identifiable vocals. Idle Minds doesn’t really hit that mark for me. I think they are playing it safe, but for their first single, that’s perfectly fine. They still have a lot of time to develop. I look forward to seeing the band progress and take risks as they come out with more songs.

For more poetry by Trevor Stout check out the hashtag #pressedpoetry on Instagram, and be sure to check out our TikTok: “Musicians + Bands You Didn’t Know Wrote Poetry / Literature” by clicking here.

Connect with Idle Minds on social media and be sure to stream their song “Blossom” today!

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