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Interview: Singer Gina Royale On Her Musical Inspirations

Gina Royale is an up-and-coming alternative pop singer/songwriter from New Jersey. With a style she would call similar to “if Taylor Swift and Hayley Williams had a child,” Gina uses her music to speak about things near and dear to her heart.

Gina’s love for music started at a young age, where she grew up in a “musical household” and she took guitar, flute, and piano lessons as a child. Around 14 years out, she decided to play the piano and sing at her school’s talent show, she found her passion.

Now at 23 years old, Gina has put out multiple well-loved singles throughout her career, as well as an album titled “yellow” in 2019. Alongside her music she has performed many shows throughout the East coast, as well as recently focusing a project on honoring the late John Lennon, which gained recent radio attention.

And what inspires Gina to sing? She says she draws musical inspirations from all around, from Paramore to John Mayer, as well as finding personal inspiration from her father who was also a musician. The support from her father and the way he is “so talented and so incredibly motivated” helped her as a blossoming musician and still motivates her now. As for her writing style, she goes back to Taylor Swift, saying that is where she found the inspiration for the sound, style, and structure. Gina says she looked up to the “attention to detail when [Swift] writes,” and Gina keeps that in mind when she writes her music.

As for what she writes about, Gina admits that previously, she could only write about the experiences that she had faced personally, but as she grew as a musician, she is now able to find inspiration from anything that she feels compelled to write about. Specifically, Gina has recently went from writing primarily about relationships to writing more openly about social problems. Her songs “Mr. Lennon” and “March Song” focus on her perspective of societal issues as well as the importance of advocacy to her. Gina has continued to use her platform to raise awareness to causes that matter to her, and she keeps her political stance strong and visible.

What’s next for Gina Royale? She says after wrapping up the Lennon Project, she is going to be focusing on releasing and promoting some singles she has been working on. And she has hope, like most musicians, to one day be back on stage, performing for live audiences again. If you would like to support her on this journey, check out her music below!

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