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J and the 9s Release Motivating New Single “Don’t Think About It”

J and the 9s is a rock duo with a punk ethic based in Long Beach, California. They’re known for their bright personalities, energetic music, and fan interaction that is full of inspiration and glitter. Jeanine and Chris are the lovely humans that make this band come to life. The 9s recently released a song with motivation amongst all the chaos in the world called “Don’t Think About It”.

The beginning of the song starts off with strong instrumentals and a tempo that makes you want to get up and run. With a heavy guitar and drum driving intro, the lyrics begin just as motivational as the music is. “Think of all you could do, you could do it tonight,” is a simple message that can resonate with anyone. In times like these, we often overthink and get in our heads. This song is a reminder to go for it and not live in fear.

The chorus pounds the lyrics “Don’t think about it,” in your head until you are singing it all day. With a catchy beat and a strong female rock voice, it’s a hard song to ignore. Halfway through the song an impressive flute solo comes into play leading to a peaceful overtone through a powerful song. The song ends with Jeanine giving a rebel yell.

If you like The Kills or Royal Blood, you will love J and the 9s. Not only do they have fun/inspirational music, they also are very passionate about the music scene. They have done live shows on top of their RV to perform through the streets, offered lessons at Warped Tour, as well as had karaoke for the fans. They’re a unique band with genuine souls for music. Don’t forget to check out their new single and be on the lookout for more releases to follow!

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