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Two Thought Provoking Releases From Jen Janet In One Month

July was a big month for alt-rock vocalist Jen Janet; with the beginning seeing the release of “Possession”, then “I Don’t Belong” dropped on the 31 of the month. She is no stranger to the entertainment industry; having worked in fashion, videography and photography in the past. Along with her solo work, she is also the front-woman for metal bands Novarium and Mimesis.

Her vocals are reminiscent of Evanescence with hauntingly melodic tones. Lyrically, these songs are compelling. The sense of not belonging to the world and yourself is something many people can relate to at least once in their lives.

The first release, “Possession”, is about the feeling of being possessed and not in control of yourself. This could be interpreted as a metaphoric possession by a demon, or perhaps her own subconsciousness. It could also be a more literal meaning about an ex who was possessive in the relationship. She is fighting to take back her soul after it was taken away from her.

Watch the official music video for “Possession” here:

This track ends with the lyrics “I don’t belong”, which is a nice tie-in for her next release aptly titled “I Don’t Belong”. In “I Don’t Belong,” Jen sings about the feeling of being lost and not knowing where she belongs. The drum beats and heavy bass lines come through creating a sense of power with notes of somber and sorrow.

Watch the official music video for “I Don’t Belong” here:

Both music videos have a section where the characters played by Jen are awakened and do not know what is going on around them. This adds to the overall theme in the songs about being possessed and not belonging to the world around her. “Possession” shows her in literal possession while being exorcised by a priest, while “I Don’t Belong” has her walking through the woods in search of something then waking from a dream.

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