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Jesse McCartney’s ‘New Stage Tour’ With Casey Baer And Jamie Miller Visit New Orleans On June 10

Jesse McCartney’s ‘New Stage Tour’ offered a brilliant showcase of new artists. The ‘New Stage Tour’ name comes from Jesse’s most recent album release, New Stage, but seemed fitting for a tour name as it offered some new emerging artists a chance at the stage. Opening on this tour were two incredible acts, Casey Baer and Jamie Miller.

Casey Baer

Casey Baer is the perfect artist for fans who enjoy artists like Madison Beer, Tate McRae, and Olivia O’Brien. She, just like these other artists, has such strong and powerful v ocals that’ll make you feel the emotions that she sings with. Casey’s breakthrough came with her covers of popular songs but definitely doesn’t stop there, Casey is far from a cover artist that’ll get lost in the shuffle like most. Between her upbeat and f un tunes mixed with her high energy, Casey was born for the stage. For anyone interested in exploring Casey’s discography, I’d suggest starting with “R.I.P” and “never have i ever” these two songs offer a good range of her talents.

Jamie Miller

If you’re looking for a new boy crush, Jamie Miller might be exactly what you’re looking for. Jamie’s English accent combined with his captivating love songs create the perfect level of charm that just might pull on your heartstrings. After taking the UK by storm by placing third on The Voice UK in 2017 he found himself in a position where his dreams could become a reality.

Shortly following his time on The Voice in 2017, he took to Twitter to make the announcement that he had been signed with Atlantic Records and shared that landing a record deal had always been a dream of his. Jamie is the type of artist who really knows how to interact with his fans in a meaningful way, during his performance there were countless moments where he interacted very personally with the crowd and even hopped down in front of the barricade following his set to meet fans and take photos. Often intimacy is lost between the crowd and the stage but Jamie puts effort in making his fans feel like they have a unique experience at one of his performances.

Jamie’s most recent release “Broken Memories” is the perfect place to start if you’re interested in giving Jamie’s music a shot. Two songs off of the EP that I couldn’t recommend more are “Here’s Your Perfect” and “I Lost Myself In Loving You,” if you’re a fan of slow love songs you would be doing yourself a disservice to not give his music a chance.

Jesse McCartney

Eighteen years ago Jesse McCartney stole our hearts with “Beautiful Soul”, and that’s no secret. If you haven’t been keeping up with him since your teenage heart throb years though, Jesse’s best kept secret might be his most recent album release New Stage. Although Jesse is all grown up now and so are we, this new album offers a small flashback of all those years listening to his music where we were all very young hopeless romantics. Even though Jesse is now happily married, listening to “Lemonade” and “Party For Two” offers a little glimpse into what it would’ve been like if Jesse had fallen in love with you at one of his shows like a much younger version of you had always dreamed of. Being head over heels for Jesse McCartney was normal in 2008 but doesn’t have to be a thing of the past in 2022, this album will make you fall in love all over again with a boy you once loved before.

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