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Keshi Performs At The Fillmore In Silver Spring, MD On May 24

Rei Brown opened up Keshi’s ‘Hell/Heaven’ tour in Silver Spring, Maryland on May 24, 2022 with some lo-fi songs and the crowd was vibing. Brown was on stage smiling and having a good time whilst surrounded by colorful lights. He put on a great performance and impressed the audience with just himself, a microphone, and his computer.

Rei Brown by Nicole Frunza

Keshi was long-awaited by the audience. Funny enough, during his first song the microphone stopped working. He had to restart the song. No one minded though, it the crowd was excited to hear the song twice. The audience knew every single word to Keshi’s songs and weren’t afraid to scream them out to the sold-out Fillmore (on a Tuesday evening, that is).

Personally, I was impressed with Keshi’s outfit. The way his stage lighting was reflecting off of his golden pants was something I wish other artists would consider sometimes. He looked and sounded amazing (as the audience would agree) and I can’t wait to see what comes from the rest of his ‘Hell/Heaven’ tour.

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