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Lala Lala Performs At The High Watt In Nashville On April 17 With Elton Aura

Lala Lala is indie artist Chicago-based singer-songwriter Lillie West. On April 17, 2022, she was set to perform at The High Watt in Nashville. As I was looking through the venues list of artists, Lala Lala was listed. I checked out her music and what I heard was pure emotion portrayed with synths and other accompaniments. I find that sometimes using synths can bury the lyrics, and that doesn’t always sit well with me. However, Lillie managed to keep me focused on what she had to say in her recordings and on stage.

Elton Aura opened the night. Elton is a chicago-based hip-hop artist. He was accompanied by DJ Cymba. I cover a variety of genres but hip-hop is not a common one I run into often. I can be very particular with this genre. He definitely caught my attention that night. Personally, I thought his song “Big Brothers” was beautiful and touching. I would definitely recommend checking out his latest album, “Vert(EGO)”.

What I encountered that night was love from Lala Lala’s fans. Everyone there knew her lyrics and sang along with her. I was standing next to a woman who was clinging to every lyric Lillie sang. She assured me several times that if I need to block her view to get the shots I need, that it’s completely okay with her. That she would do anything for Lillie. I did not get the opportunity to speak with her personally that night but I did observe how dedicated she was to her music. I got there early enough to see her tend to her merch stand and have a couple conversations with her fans and even after the show, she ran over to the stand once again and there was already a big line waiting for her. Check out her latest single “Memory”.

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