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Laura von Mari’s Upbeat & Powerful Debut EP ‘Forevermore’ Is A Journey Within Itself

Laura von Mari’s release of her debut EP is a vibrant journey within itself of hope and strength. The LA based indie pop artist released Forevermore, today, September 8, giving her fans a sense of newfound power and strength. Laura von Mari is both the voice and embodiment of empowerment and all things retro and Y2K.

For listeners and fans of JULAPINK, good company and Delilah Brao, Forevermore from start to finish highlights her experiences of feeling powerless, yet powerful and leads her fans throughout her journey. Each song tells a different story, whether it be challenging your perception of right or wrong or whether to give into temptation to pursue an affair, even if it feels wrong (“If You Want It”), being kind to yourself for young queer people being conflicted with negative emotions and first crushes (“Fog”) and finally, taking back your power after being betrayed by a role model or someone close to you (“Forevermore”).

While music on Forevermore are continuous anthems, some of the notable songs on the EP to get you up on your feet and embrace Von Mari’s debut and encouragement are none other than “Different Road” where listeners are encouraged to reflect on your choices and take the high road where a relationship does not work out after eventually doing what is best for you. In “F*** You,” Von Mari’s and her fan’s standards are high and the middle fingers are even higher, where she sings about her partner choosing their reputation over a relationship.

Her songs from the start puts her fans in a retro trance as if they are being transported back to Y2K. Every song is a journey within itself, which gets the listener from sitting down and listening to the song while toe-tapping to every beat but then immediately dancing around your room to every lyric. Every song in comparison has certain stories but all have one thing in common: vibrancy, nostalgia and hope.

Throughout her EP, Von Mari channels her vibe of Y2K, her voice and her experiences to music after experiencing difficulties in a relationship. Von Mari’s journey is like a voice for those that need a reason to dance again and to carry on and live life regardless of the conflicts and setbacks.

Watch the music video Von Mari’s track “F*** You” here:

You can listen to Forevermore on your favorite streaming platform today!

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