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Lauren Spencer Smith Performs At Union Stage In Washington, D.C. With Geena Fontanella

Geena Fontanella opened up Lauren Spencer Smith’s tour in Washington, D.C. on August 23 and was able to liven up the crowd in no time. She got everyone to take out their phone flashlights and light up the room like stars.

Lauren Spencer Smith’s fans were eagerly anticipating her arrival onstage. Lauren had a lovely presence and interacted with just about every fan within arm’s distance. Smith took videos on fans’ phones while she sang, signed a few autographs, and even brought a fan onstage! It’s very clear that she belongs on stage with her adoring fans in the crowd. The DC crowd was incredibly loud which both Geena and Lauren were appreciative of.

Also, there was an ASL interpreter in attendance signing all of the lyrics during the entirety of the show!

Geena Fontanella

Lauren Spencer Smith

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