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Lindsey Stirling Performs In Fort Wayne On December 12

A cold winters night swept through downtown Fort Wayne with the beautiful sounds of a violin filling the air. Lindsey Stirling performed her ‘Snow Waltz Tour’ at the Embassy to a packed theatre on December 12. From the outfit changes to the perfectly choreographed routines, this crazy talented lady brought smiles to everyone’s face.

The pink confetti rained down along with the snow as Lindsey stormed the stage with her bright presence. I have to admit, I had seen a lot of her videos previously on the internet, but I wasn’t sure how her performance would translate to a stage. I was in awe of her just sheer talent in all that she does. Not only was it like a 19-song performance, every song had a story to tell and her incredibly talented dancers echoed her energy perfectly. Lindsey played a mix of original compositions and covers of the traditional Christmas songs which made for a good variety of music for the whole crowd.

Something that stood out to me the most was the age range. A lot of shows I attend are usually a younger demographic with a few parents sprinkled here or there. I saw children to grandparents in this crowd enjoying every second of it. Young aspiring violinist watched their idol put on an incredible performance and I can’t imagine how inspiring this night was for them.

I also was really shocked by the acrobatics ESPECIALLY from Lindsey when she was playing her violin and singing, while spinning though the air or hanging upside down from her circle swing. All in all, I could watch this show over and over and never get tired of watching Lindsey perform. The grace and elegance that shines from her soul is a beautiful thing to see.

Check out her newest release, Snow Waltz, and if you get a chance to see her in concert, you will not regret it. Happy Holidays!

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