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Maddie Zahm Plays Sold Out Show At Amsterdam Bar and Hall In St. Paul, MN

Maddie Zahm stopped by Amsterdam Bar and Hall this past week to perform a sold out show for the 9th date of her You Might Not Like Her tour. The room was already filling up when opener, Corook, took the stage and filled the room with their energetic, relatable personality and lovely voice. Giggles erupted in the crowd when they made up a song about their dislike of snakes, and again later when they had the crowd hold up their hands and stare into the eyes of other strangers in the room to bond through shared mental illnesses. By the time they left the stage, they had definitely garnered some new fans. 

The Amsterdam was full of anticipation and excitement as fans filed in and waited for Maddie’s performance. “I wonder what she will open with?” said one fan.

I stumbled upon a group of fans talking about their adoration of the setlist taped to the floor in front of them and discovered that they all had met right before the show. It goes to show Maddie’s musical theme of love and unity runs deep into her fanbase. Within the first thirty seconds of Maddie’s entrance, she captivated the audience and brought several fans to tears. Throughout her set, she connected with her audience through her emotional and raw lyricism and kindness, stopping the set at one point to make sure a fan in the crowd was doing okay.

Catch Maddie Zahm’s incredible show on the second half of her tour, you won’t regret it. 


Maddie Zahm

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