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Maggie Lindemann Releases Single “She Knows It” In Anticipation of Her First Full Body of Work

Maggie Lindemann, a punk rock and pop singer whose sound has grown with her since she released her first single in 2015, has been busy this year. She has released another new single titled “She Knows It” in October after already having released her album PARANOIA in January and single “OHMAMI” with Chase Atlantic in September of this year.

Although Maggie started her music career in 2015, she started gaining more recognition in 2020 when Alternative Press named PARANOIA one of the top 50 most anticipated albums of the year. The same year, Billboard put “Scissorhands” (the third song on PARANOIA) on the Top 25 Rock Songs of 2020. She states “I’m so excited for the world to finally hear what I’ve been working on for the last two years” in anticipation of her first official body of work.

“She Knows It” is about liking a girl who had a boyfriend. Maggie says that after this girl would complain about her boyfriend to her and do things to lead her on, she would claim she “didn’t mean it like that” which would be incredibly frustrating for anyone having to deal with that. Maggie said “fuck it” and wrote “She Knows It” about that very situation.

The lyric “It’s like ecstasy when you’re next to me, think that you should leave him and stay with me” is a line that so many of us can relate to. It is feeling drawn to someone who leads you to believe you’re meant to be together and all they have to do is choose you… but they don’t. The song is upbeat and full of passion and I think it backs up the story behind the song.

Watch the music video for “She Knows It” here:

The music video takes place in a school setting. Maggie goes through her day having to watch this girl, who she wants to be with so badly, ignore her while she’s spending time with her boyfriend. There’s a scene where Maggie is smoking in the bathroom and the girl comes in and takes the cigarette, takes a puff, hands it back to her and leaves. They don’t exchange any words but you can feel that tension between them.

Maggie continues to release music that I end up playing on repeat for days and this song is absolutely added to that list along with her previous tracks “Friends Go,” “Human,” and “Knife Under My Pillow.”

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